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  1. Need advice please. I cured some bacon for 10 days which finished on Tuesday. Its been washed and left on a rack in the fridge to dry before smoking. Unfortunately I was unable to smoke it when I intended to so its still in the refrigerator. I would like to smoke it tomorrow but was wondering if its been there too long (4 days) its not wrapped. Is there a cut off time for leaving cured bacon in the fridge before smoking. Thank You folks.
  2. Sorry Justin - just saw your message. I haven't been on the forum for a while. I use a large, very sharp carving knife. After smoking I leave the bacon in the fridge for 48 hours before slicing so it pretty firm. Hope that helps.
  3. Very many thanks Wade. It looked fantastic using the Woodchurch cure and hickory pellets. Its in the fridge and will be slicing it shortly.
  4. Sorry folks I meant to say in my last message that the temperature crept up to 113 degs F (45 degs C).
  5. Need a little advice please folks. I have just cold smoked some bacon in my bbq using my A-MAZE-N pellet smoker for 12 hours. Pic attached. It was cured for 10 days in the fridge using my Woodchurch dry cure bacon pepper seasoning kit and instructions which is fantastic. However I noticed the temperature in the BBQ crept up to around 45 degrees F during the process. Would this still be safe to eat as it is recommended that when cold smoking the temp should be below 100 degrees F. I should have monitored it more closely !! Thanks
  6. Some pics of my smoker and first attempt at smoking bacon.
  7. MalcolmG

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    Hi Folks - just joined Forum. I have always been very interested in smoking food but never knew where to start. Then, last year I visited the Brogdale National Apple Festival and met Wade. Saw his smoking demo and the “incinerator” smoker. I have now had a go at smoking bacon using Wades “dry cure bacon kit” which has excellent detailed instructions. Great result. Got my neighbours to do a taste test and they loved it !!. I was surprised how warm the smoker was inside. I placed the smoke unit in the bottom of the smoker and hung the pork belly over it. The bottom end almost cooked. Maybe I should use an offset box and channel the smoke through some ducting ? I have seen a thread on the forum about this. I smoked it for 12 hours as I thought any longer and it would cook !! Used the A-maze-n smoker maze with hickory pellets from Woodchurch. Wade has helped me enormously with his advice. Lots more to learn and looking forward to doing some more smoking. I must say this forum is excellent and as a beginner I kow it’s going to be a great help to me. Thanks.
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