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  1. Went to another shop as I don’t actually remember where I bought the first! Found exactly the same bulb, 150 watts, cost.....wait for it...£35.!!! Don’t remember the cost of the last one as I had bought a lot of bits and pieces at the same time. I asked the assistant how long it should last and she said 6 months! BUT bear in mind this is in 24 hour use as a reptile environment warmer. So being used for a smoker even once a week for me, at the most, for say 12 hours max a smoking, it should last way longer. You do the maths, I am too lazy! But you bet I will keep the new receipt safe and sound in the original box!
  2. Ceramic bulb gone....and only after 6 months use! Words with the supplier me thinks. At least it isn’t the thermostat unit which would be more expensive.
  3. Alls well that ends well.....sliced, vac packed after being passed by “you know who”. Now to find the fault.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I took it out after 14 hours smoking and it has rested overnight. Now for a tasting.
  5. Yes I can but not this minute and the process has been going 12 hours so will just have to hope!
  6. After a winter of successful salmon smoking my heater fails to work. As yet I don’t know wether it is the bulb or the thermostat which is at fault. I loaded up the unit early this morning and then went out. Just come back to find the temperature hasn’t risen above ambient which today is about 10 centigrade. What effect can I expect on the smoked salmon please. To compensate could I smoke for longer?
  7. Yes. I have frozen it. I did try to “dry it” using the fan oven with no heat. It appeared to work but the taste just wasn’t there! Fish pie is about it’s zenith now!
  8. Over salted the trout! Partially due I think to the fillets being much thinner than my usual salmon. Is there a reliable way of correcting this? I have sliced the trout and have spread it out on a cake cooling grill, put this in my usual dish, filled with cold tap water and will leave soaking for a couple of hours. I am hoping that like salt cod it may leach out some of the salt. Won’t be top of the range but might be ok for risotto.....I hope! Any tried and tested ways or is it the bin!
  9. Had a stroke of luck last week...went into a cook shop and bought, in their restocking sale, a Victorinox smoked salmon fluted knife. Was £65 and got it for £15! It is amazing and has changed the slicing game completely. I have a wonderful flexible fish filleting knife, a Sabatier, also a sale item bought when I lived in France....on the coast. They are both “les bijoux du chien “ ....look that up if you don’t know it!
  10. I was sure, but I am now not so sure that........I read a post on smoking rainbow trout. As they are much more subtle / delicate in taste I would imagine they need a bit of “fine tuning” when it comes to salting and time in the smoker. Please can you point me in the right direction?
  11. Thanks again for your wise words. I may well make a foray into the unknown! Hopefully should have some muntjac or fallow soonish.
  12. After a dodgy start with the local airport (Stansted) thinking they had a disaster and the neighbours about to call the fire brigade, I have now tamed my adapted cheap cold smoker and we are all friends again! Moral of the story....don’t pay peanuts for equipment because by the time you have altered it, bought thermostats, heaters, non Micky mouse smoke generators and an air pump, you will have paid more than if you had gone out and bought a good piece of kit. Never mind, I have learnt a lot on the way and may I say, mostly thanks is due to you lot of gurus who have been so generous with your advice and who didn’t laugh too loudly at my ignorance. Cold smoking is, as I have found out, a totally different game to hot smoking which I had done for years, often on the river bank. Anyhow.....Smoked salmon hailed by family and friends as great and now the same for gravilax. I think I will stick to non nitrate preserving/ smoking so would appreciate some suggestions as to where to go to now.(don’t spoil it, you have been so kind so far!)
  13. Saltpetre/ nitrates / nitrites have had bad press for quite a number of years but are getting now very bad press indeed. Not only in the general press but in professional medical publications. I for one am going to make every effort to avoid foods that contain these agents. Surely there are ways of avoiding their use? I gather one of the main uses of these agents is to enhance colour in addition to preservative measures. What is the opinion of all of you.
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