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  1. I noticed it straight away, benefit of having the same one
  2. I did, but if I was going to start from scratch I'd potentially do it differently. I installed a piece of right angle metal above the fire box parallel with the lid and sealed it all the way along with flat, On the other side with the tray I couldn't do that and stuck a piece of flat across both of the corners so that when it closed they brushed past each other and seal instead. I wish I'd done that on both sides, but you could also use the thicker rope to get a good seal. On the back I stuck flat to both the bottom and the rear of the base so they slid next to each other when the lid closed. Obviously stuck seal around the entire firebox lid because so much heat gets lost there, sealed the whole thing with high temp silicon as I built it, and sealed the firebox vent door up although this probably doesn't matter as much. If you look at my original post you can see me maintaining 240 Fahrenheit no worries, and I did this all day doing a brisket once. The maximum temp I've had in inclement weather was about 150 C and that was with an entire firebox of lit charcoal, both vents open, sat in the rain, smoking some sirloin for a couple of hours The biggest issue you probably had was dumping the charcoal on the base of the firebox. This offset style is really sensitive to having the lid opened as well, how many times did you open the lid? And what was the ambient temp? Look at the first few posts of this thread, too see pictures of what I did, if they're not on this thread, they are somewhere on her, clamps for firebox and all sorts.
  3. I've just finished reading through your emotional weekend, you need to get it sealed up first and foremost. Are you using the small grate for the bottom of the firebox? This is for maintaining an airflow around the charcoal so it should be used. Final point, you can always stick a pile of charcoal in the main box at one end of the suspended tray to maintain heat, while smoking merrily away using the firebox.
  4. This should work a treat for the sides, maybe for the back with a bit of jigger pokery, but definitely not for the front.
  5. Its over a metre long front and back, two sides, plus the door, and the firebox lid. I used 5m doing mine, because the back needed a strip on both sides really.
  6. Even a local wood burning stove place probably won't have the self adhesive stuff, but you could try. Mine didn't anyway.
  7. Lol, I was EXACTLY the same. The link I used is exactly what I got.
  8. It's not a cheap hobby, but you won't get better tasting meat anywhere other than cooking it yourself all day until you're a sweaty mess sobbing on the patio.
  9. If your bicycle is capable of bending the space time continuum maybe
  10. You can't beat weber briquettes either, they really are worth the extra money.
  11. I'm Salisbury, so sorry, It's a no from me
  12. That's why I asked where he lived, I'm happy to pop round and have a look if it's feasible
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