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  1. I think I saw that video some time ago too. When I remember, I have put the wood in the bottom of the fire basket. I'm not sure if it makes any difference. My own thinking is that you want a continuous supply of smoke for the first few hours of the cook. If the smoke comes in to late in the cook because it's buried beneath the lump wood you won't get as good absorption / smoke ring. I therefore tend to mix it through the burn as a general rule. Cheers n Gone Nick
  2. Does anyone know how noisy the Luvele Deluxe is? Our Low Noise Eiffel has just about given up & we need to buy another. The Eiffel was good & I like the fact it wasn't noisy like the cheaper domestic sealers such as the Foodsaver. The Luvele seems to get good reviews but if is noisy then i'll pass & buy another Eiffel. Cheers n Gone Nick
  3. Did my cook yesterday, so I can enjoy the fruits of my labour today Maybe Texas chilli in the dutch oven using some of the brisket on Monday or if the weather is nice, get the pizza oven out & some sparkling french cider Cheers n Gone Nick
  4. Just about managed to shoehorn this 7KG piece of locally sourced brisket onto the ProQ yesterday morning. trimmed & applied an SPG rub 12 hours earlier. Whiskey Barrel Oak was the smoking wood of choice on this occasion. 16 1/2 hours on the smoker. wrapped in butcher paper 8 hours in to minimise the stall, then ramped the heat up a tad. rested overnight wrapped in a towel & placed in a cool box. Unwrapped this morning & had some on toast for breakfast with Sauerkraut. Lush I used GloBaltic briquettes on this cook. They did produce a lot of ash compared to Heatbead
  5. I notice the wild garlic is beginning to sprout around here. I want to have a go at making some wild garlic butter this year. I see the OP gave a recipe in his post but just wondered when is the best time to pick garlic, i,e before, during or after flower & which parts of the plant to use, just the leaves, or leaves & stems, or everything except the bulb? Cheers n Gone Nick
  6. As Wade says Australian Heatbeads are very low ash but unless on a deal somewhere rather pricey. The Globaltic ones gave no more ash that the Weber or Green Olive ones I've used & were reasonably priced. Cheers n Gone Nick
  7. I have a couple of bags at the moment & quite happy with it, Lights easier than Heatbeads, decent, steady hot burn. no nasty smells. I'd buy it again. Cheers n Gone Nick
  8. Great bit of kit, i've been through a few brands & have to say the Meater+ is the best i've had. Some say the estimated cook time is a bit off sometimes but it;s a smoker, not a microwave! There are a few me too products around now, not that i've tried them. But the meater+ i'd certainly recommend. Cheers n Gone Nick
  9. I'd got fed up with having to spend over the odds for replacement braided cables for my various blowers, thermometers etc. They kept failing due to heat surges. I noticed that with my bullet smokers it was the entry point into the smoker where the heat was causing them to fail I presume the heat travelling up the side of the bullet without any baffle as such was the problem. In the centre behind the water / sand pan all was fine. I'd seen that some people used foil to protect the cable at this entry point, but I found that was a bit of a faff & the foil had a tendency to move during the co
  10. Just completed my first attempt at Pastrami and rather please with the outcome. Followed Meatheads Katz recipe. 10 hours at 230f the rested for 2 hours before enjoyed in a Reuben Sandwich. Cheers n Gone Nick
  11. I'm planning on making some Pastrami in the coming weeks & just been looking online for some guidance. I'd normally buy a full packer joint, but see that for Pastrami people seem to either use the just the Flat or the Point. What's the preference? There seems to be more detail where the Flat has been used in the UK, of course this will make a leaner cut compared to the Point which the Americans seem to favour. I've also added a poll, just because I found I could! Cheers n Gone Nick .
  12. +1 from Me. I suffered the same on occasion when cold smoking cheese. Iceman shared the microwave trick, no problems since. Cheers n Gone Nick
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