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  1. Watching with interest to see how you get on. Sausages seem to be my achilles heal with the exception of Hogs pudding. I never seem to get the mix right to form a pleasant texture. Cheers n Gone Nick
  2. Decent price at £101.35 for these Wusthofs if anyone is in the market https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wusthof-Classic-3-Piece-Knife-Set/dp/B00005MEGJ/ Cheers n Gone Nick
  3. So I've had various Henkel & Wusthof knives over the years which have served me well, however in recent months I have bought a few cheaper knives which I have been more than impressed with. I bought a Mercer 11" Granton blade carver which is now my go too knife for so many reasons. I also have a Pro Cook gourmet knife for presission work which i'm more than impressed with. Whats your favourite knife for prepping meat? Forgive the spelling, i'm to many Glavia's in to care! Cheers n Gone Nick
  4. So I was watching sumat on TV last night which had John Torode BBQ'ing stuff at home in Aus with his family. He mentioned that the best way to cook onions was by marinading them in pineapple juice first. The juice releases enzymes that soften the onion & release the sugars resulting in gorgeous fried onions on the plancha. Anyone tried this? Sounds nice. I'll be giving it a go as I love onions. Any suggestions welcome Cheers n Gone Nick
  5. Duchy man that is awesome. I have the Statin's ready as the petite four to this! Tell me, do you reckon you can freeze the mushroom & cheese once prepared, then reheat? Anything with cheese has got my vote another nice vid cheers n gone Nick
  6. Skagg2000

    Bacon video.

    now there is the great debate, brown or red........... cheers n gone Nick
  7. Skagg2000

    Bacon video.

    Not tried that Ice. perhaps that's my issue. I keep it in the shed in a zip bag with the other smoking wood. Daft question, how do you tell the moisture is coming out when you microwave it? Cheers n Gone Nick
  8. So I'f i have the time & inclination i'll sort the bag. Big bits for the Fornetto & small bits for the Mini chef Kamado & the rest in between for the ProQ. That said, I do believe a mix of large & small is not a bad thing in a burn. Provided you can maintain airflow, smaller bits to fill the gaps & ensure a consistent burn aren't a bad thing in my book. Cheers n Gone Nick
  9. Skagg2000

    Bacon video.

    I wish I had only had to light it again twice! It seems to be going steady now though. blimmin stuff Cheers n Gone Nick
  10. Saw this today & thought of @Icefever as I think he has a Kentucky. The seems to be stock around some stores so you might be lucky if it's of interest to anyone. Cheers n Gone NIck
  11. Skagg2000

    Bacon video.

    Well the dry cure Back is done & packed. Just cold smoking the other joint with Maple though it's proving a PITA as the dust keeps going out, dunno why, it's dry I always struggle with cold smoking for some reason. Anyhow, please with the results so far, next step is to try it! Thanks again to @Icefever & @Wade for the advice & encouragement
  12. So I would read that as it's a UK mobile number. My email signature with my mobile at work starts +44. This is so those calling from outside the UK can reach me. I posted & asked for feedback on here because I too thought that whilst the product & the detail looked good, the shopping part of the site looked a bit vague. Cheers n Gone Nick
  13. Saw an ad for this stuff in my Insta feed. I wondered if anyone had heard of it or indeed tried it? Based in Estonia but seems to have UK distribution. £18 for 10KG bags or wholesale by the pallet. I might look into it as it does read well, i'd be interested in any feedback anyone may have. http://globaltic.ee/ Cheers n Gone Nick
  14. Just some yoghurt and mint sauce. The crucial stuff Cheers n Gone Nick
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