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  1. Skagg2000

    Lamb Shawarama

    Hii I let it go to 170f the recommended 185 seemed rather high and running the risk of dry meat. 170 is high for me I like my lamb medium to well do usually closer to 145f As I butterflied the leg yesterday and marinaded it then I knew where the meat had been so wouldn't have worried about a lower I Cheers n Gone Nick
  2. Skagg2000

    Lamb Shawarama

    So inbetween a few other outside job in the garden today i set up the ProQ with some globaltic lumpwood & olive wood for flavour I had a go with this Lamb Shawarma using a Lamb leg I butterflied yesterday & set in the marinade overnight. Came out rather nice, extremely tender & the smell when it was resting in the kitchen was amazing
  3. Skagg2000

    Lamb Shawarama

    Would a leg of lamb, butterflied be a suitable alternative for shoulder in this meal? Cheers n Gone Nick
  4. I usually look like that Wade when i'm on a days smoking session in the garden. Like a fireman on the footplate of a steam loco Cheers n Gone Nick
  5. Made this for tea yesterday, got in a bit of a pickle with the pastry & nded up having a homemade shortcrust base & pre bought putty top which was different! Cheers n Gone Nick
  6. Glad to hear its all come good. I think the single wall of bullet smokers create the temperature variable so +/- 5 def or so of the target temp is good going. Cheers n Gone Nick
  7. Yes, that look much more flexible. Looks at though you have it in hand with the guys & girls @ Mac's now Cheers n Gone Nick
  8. Hi Justin, Is THIS the universal adaptor your using with the Smartfire & a Weber WSM? Looking at it I would have thought you should need to modify the Weber or ProQ to make it fit. In the image it's fitted to a later ProQ with the daisy wheel in place. I'd have thought & stand to be corrected that it's a case of lineing the vent on the daisy wheel to fully open, place the bolt through one open hole, then align the machined stainless tube with another hole & tight in place with the big washer & wing nut to hold it all in place. However, if it was me I would proba
  9. Skagg2000

    Lamb Shawarama

    I'll have to try this Lamb one. I bought the spike & did the chicken one a little while ago which was fantastic. This looks great too. Thanks for sharing SOTV Cheers n Gone Nick
  10. Welcome Taff, Plenty of great information on this forum from the contributors. Looking forwards to hearing how you get on! Cheers n Gone Nick
  11. Not sure on the size of your probes, but i can fit a couple of Tappecue probes through the silicone hole on my ProQ & these are quite big around 4/5mm diameter So i'd suggest most below this diameter should fit. Cheers n Gone Nick
  12. This was the basis I made my purchase What makes these probes better than the others?Solid PTFE jacketed wire is easier to wipe down and clean compared to the woven steel wireSLE Wire is TWICE as accurate as regular wire (+/- 0.50°C for SLE vs. +/- 1.0°C for standard)Internal sensor is completely sealed with waterproof epoxy for long lasting outdoor useSensing Tube has a small thermal footprint - heats up and responds to changes faster!Low cost - high quality - custom made in the USA! More detail HERE Yet to see how they perform, but seem decent. I'm not connected in any w
  13. No need to boil in water they are all over the place. They are stable at low temps but once the temp rises go to pot. Somehow I've cooked them as the internal core has melted through the braiding. Not sure how I managed this as the area the probes were in was no where near 500degF Anyway these custom probes arrived today from the states they seem well built and use good materials to a good specification
  14. The billows & signals kit from thermapen/ETI is next on my list if I'm unable to sort the bbq guru Cheers n Gone Nick
  15. I'm going yo try some bespoke probes from the US and see if they are any better. It looks as though I somehow managed to cook the originals Cheers Gone Nick
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