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  1. It's often a daily discussion here who's weather app is going to be correct SWMBO has BBC & I tend to stick with the met office although sometimes we then take a peek at Accuweather. Never really any the wiser, might as well use seaweed & cat gut 🤪 Cheers n Gone Nick
  2. lush Justin, lush. Cheers n Gone Nick
  3. I thought i'd conclude my first go at cured Christmas ham. What did I learn? Read the instructions & read them again Don't try to rush things Where did I go wrong? Didn't follow the instructions on brining correctly & over diluted the cure. Didn't rinse the gammon once it was removed from the brine which resulted in a salty dry finish. Didn't leave the gammon long enough to dry before cold smoking. Ultimately i wasn't 100% happy given the black markings that appears & i could account for why, even though it didn't smell, I decided the best course of action was to abandon it. From the slice or two that I did try, I can see it should be a fantastic Christmas gammon when I get it right. I will try again in the not to distant future now that I have the cure#1 etc. An interesting learning curve Cheers n Gone Nick
  4. So I cut it out. It was only on the surface. It didn't smell of anything other than spice and Hickory. The meat below the cut was pink. Haven't got round to trying it yet. Is the fact it was only on the surface good or bad? Other than the colour there is nothing else that rings alarm bells that I can see or smell. Cheers n Gone Nick
  5. Will do, it's vac packed in the fridge at the moment, plan to roast it on the 26th / 27th. I'll update then. Cheers n Gone Nick
  6. Thanks Justin, I thought / hoped bruising too as it does look purple black rather than black. I'll progress with it, fingers crossed. Cheers n Gone Nick
  7. Looking for some advice please. I'm on the second of 2 x 8 hour cold smokes. I noticed this morning a black area on the meat. Don't think it was there yesterday, the meat smells ok. I tried to scrape the area but it doesn't come off so doesn't appear to be on the surface. It looks as though it's from one of the puncture marks when the injection was inserted. Being my first attempt at this i'm being cautious. Can anyone advise with there thoughts on whats occurring & if I should ditch it? Cheers n Gone Nick
  8. Marmite infused Brussels for a feastive touch? Cheers n Gone Nick
  9. +1 for the soft boiled eggs. We do a Gary Rhodes scotch egg recipe with soft eggs and it's fantastic, best we have ever had. The sausage meat has lemon, thyme & mace added to it for an interesting twist. Cheers n Gone Nick
  10. Top draw Ice! That meatloaf looks lush
  11. Cheers Wade, Appreciate the re assurance Certainly made a mental note not to do it gain. Hopefully things will progress as planned over the next week or two Cheers n Gone Nick
  12. Have I averted disaster? So all going well last night prepping the brine for this gammon. I only realised once i'd finished even though I'd done the calculation that i'd added the whole 1 ltr of seasoned water to the curing mix & not 143g as i'd calculated. I immediately emptied the lot out gave the gammon a good press to extract as much liquid that i'd injected & started the whole process again. This time with the correct measurements for everything. Questions is, even though the original cure mix at the correct ratios was diluted in 1000g of water & I've then repeated the process will I have added to much nitrite from the cure#1 based on the original meat weight calculation? If I have, how do I tell? It's all about learning...albeit it sometimes to my own frustration! Cheers n Gone Nick
  13. So I've had a rummage in the shed & found both Hickory & Maple dust for the generator. If it ever stops raining I might consider finishing it off outside in the smoker! On this occasion I think i'll leave the glaze out to get a feel for the true flavour of the ham. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself as I'm still waiting on the cure#1 I ordered turning up, so I have time to ponder Hickory or Maple Thanks all for the advice, i'll update as i progress Cheers n Gone Nick
  14. Still waiting on the Cure#1 turning up here from the place i purchased it. Hopefully tomorrow! What is the wood chip of choice to cold smoke this joint please? Also is there a recommended cooking / roasting time by weight for Gammon based on this recipe? I wouldn't want to over cook it. I see Julian mentioned adding a glaze, is this option or will it detract from the end product? Cheers n Gone Nick
  15. Just the ticket Justin, Thanks Cheers n Gone Nick
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