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  1. Thanks for this, I’ve finally plumped for it at that price - finances be damned.
  2. Same, I feel I still need to dial in my ProQ before I risk £50 on a brisket, so I’m sticking with ribs and shoulder for now.
  3. I didn’t realise they were at that price point. Bargains!
  4. Factor in a decent set of temperature probes, chimney starter and any other incidentals into your budget as well.
  5. On the ProQ, my probes are too big to go through the rubber grommet, so I just hang them in there. Ideally, I’d thread the cable through and use the diamond grill clips that come with the probes, but it’s not an option. I often thread the cables through the top vent, but that limits the stack/length range. The other option is to use fire tape under the rim of each stacker/lid and that’ll help seal where each cable goes through. One day, I’ll get a Meater+ and all my probe-lems will be solved. As for the door, I’d consider taking it off and see if you can flatten it out little a bit with some ‘gentle persuasion’, otherwise the tape might still not be enough.
  6. I saw a video recently, it might have been Pitmaster, I can look it up if needs be and they preferred butcher paper, then no cover, then foiled. However, the guy’s wife preferred foiled, then paper then no cover. Their conclusion seemed to be it’s all down to personal taste. My conclusion is it’s chef’s choice or go hungry because you won’t please them all.
  7. Fascinating stuff, thanks for sharing Wade. That’s a hell of a lot of solar gain. When I get 5mins to completely redo the back garden, I’ll have to put a protective enclosure in to take the rain and wind factors out.
  8. Same problem as you JP, either settling at 90 or when the pan runs out it’s north of 150. I wasn’t convinced that external air temp or wind would have such an effect on the Frontier with hot coals in, but Wade argues a good case. I’ve bought sand, but I’ve not had the chance to give it a dry run. IceFever recommends you dry the sand out before first use or it’ll add an hour to your cook. I’m hoping that if I try a few cooks with varying amounts of sand I’ll nail a steady 105 for hours. One can dream. Also, cover the sand with foil to aid clean up.
  9. Reubens takes me back to the first time I tried one in Seattle and we’ve been recreating ever since. That was an awesome trip, dialled in plenty of breweries as well.
  10. Welcome from just south east of you. Pics of the fancy rig please!
  11. Also, the pan is there mostly to act as a thermal buffer, not avoid hot spots whether water or sand. It’ll take on excess heat if your coals are too hot and keep the temps from sharply dipping if the coals start to die down. It flattens the peaks and troughs.
  12. It’s mostly for clean up, so lining the pan. I’ve done a few without and rarely learn so have to scrape the fat and carbon off the next day. The trick is to get it not to float on the water. I think the moisture would find it’s way out of the foil so it won’t stop evaporation, possibly slow it at best. @Wade says that the water doesn't really help keep food moist (brining might be more important?), it’s there for temperature control. I wouldn’t start with two kettles full, go with one and aim to top up every 1.5 hours in my experience - I find 2 kettles takes longer to get the ProQ up to temp. I’ll try and do a compare and contrast when I give sand a go.
  13. Foil is just there to make it easier to clean up after as all the fat drips into the pan. I guess your issue could be a combination of things, but thanks for the heads up, I’ve got the sand but I’m yet to use it in anger so I’ll add an extra 1/2 hour wiggle room onto my next cook. Or I might use the kettle (Weber) to get the sand dry/up to temperature at the same time as firing up the ProQ. At least with water it’s just flash up the kettle (Morphy Richards).
  14. Good point, probably a safer bet!
  15. I recently ordered play sand for the next cook and it’s sat in the shed probably going damp, so thanks for the heads up. I might chuck it in the oven a day before I plan on using it then.
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