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  1. Does anyone know if Weber still make these pizza ovens anymore (please see photos below)as a friend is looking for one I have one which we used over the weekend but don’t seem to be available anymore Thanks Jon
  2. Hi Texas Dave welcome to the forum
  3. Thanks Adam G yes we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out 👍
  4. Thanks Ice having a big cook out in June when all restrictions are lifted !!! looking at ordering the meat from John Davidson never used them before..we don’t have any butchers in East Yorkshire that have speciality bbq meat cheers jon
  5. Finally finished bbq shack refreshments all in place
  6. Hi Bickus noticed the wood panels is that scorched ? did you do that you’re self?if so how ? I have bought some of eBay looks good 👍
  7. Jonboy


    Thanks Hoogl for the info hopefully I may get one for my birthday 👍
  8. Quick update regarding my bbq shack progressing slowly
  9. Jonboy


    Thanks Nick much appreciated might have to invest
  10. Jonboy


    Hi all Does anyone on here use the meater food probe if so could you give your feedback looking to purchase the single probe with the extended range thanks Jon
  11. Thanks for information Wade much appreciated Jon
  12. I had my best Rubens at Katz deli New York it was such a experience to eat in such a iconic place
  13. Hi Vaughan welcome I joined a few weeks ago and had some really good advice from everyone on WSF
  14. I am from East Yorkshire yes might plan a visit to a competition in the future just to get a feel for it much appreciated thanks
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