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Smokin Monkey

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8 minutes ago, sotv said:

Is this your own Youtube channel Smokin?

Yes it is, I do have my own Blog, but I have let it slip over the last year due to the work involved with the Forum, but I am changing to a new platform and will be transferring all my stuff. 

Hopefully if I can get some bottle, I am looking to make lots more videos.

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2 minutes ago, Simon said:

Just found you on YouTube and subscribed. I would do it if I had a bigger garden to get the setup I like. 

Thanks for Subscribing.

I have The Dog House which is all under cover and heated. So I am thinking of using that to film my videos in.

I have an array of equipment I move in and out of it, when I get a “New Toy”

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1 minute ago, Justin said:

Nice blog mate, added to favourites

Used to do it couple of years back on a different format, but the Forum took over and I let it slip. New Years resolution and all that was to get it on to a different platform, more up to date looking, and transfer the content. Might get some Videos made in the future.

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