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image.thumb.jpeg.e2347e00d690de638fb92fe03f8546ae.jpegA couple of years back I built my own Smoking Shelter called "The Dog House" if anyone asks the wife where I am, she says he's in "The Dog House" !

First off had to get the area paved then set about the Shelter, first off it was opened front and inter lap boards on the roof.



Soon on decided to felt tile the roof and enclose the front!






Made a bench for the inside, and went a bit over the top, Granite worktop and Stainless Steel Doors.



Slabs are to sit Pit Boss Kamado Pits on.






Granite top top on and Stainlees Steel doors fitted.


Large Pit Boss and a Mini WSM




MIni Pit Boss




GMG Pellet Smoke






Tandoor Oven




Electric Heat



Projector TV




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Thanks Scott, the garden has taken a few years to develop. When we moved in 10 years ago, the garden was a blank canvas, when I say blank I mean blank, just a square of uncut grass.

Its always nice to have people round to eat, gives me a chance to cook the larger cuts of meat, rather than cooking for two! (And one of them is not keen on smoked food!)

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Sounds very much like my garden when I moved in about 4 years ago, 2 empty raised beds and  no plants to be seen. I'm slowly but surely developing mine into some where nice to entertain...just need to find some people to invite round...:/

I've very much enjoyed the cooking for peoples birthdays etc that I've done over the summer as you say it's nice to cook some big joints of meat, whereas often I'm just cooking for myself or maybe me and my son.

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