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  1. I watched it up until the gator and other unusual ingredients. It seemed kind of scripted and I didn’t enjoy it. now chefs table bbq was a much better watch.
  2. My wife makes this in a cast iron casserole dish, and it’s a great meal. Very similar recipe.
  3. I’d try on another device just so you know it not your phone.
  4. Thank you I will save it, I don’t really get a lot of time to smoke or grill lately but when I do I will be sure to try it.
  5. How does the coffee rub taste with the meat? Looks beautiful
  6. I loved America, especially San Francisco. I suppose once you get that feeling to go home to England you have too 😃
  7. Hi Walt I don’t know that school maybe it’s now the academy? What made you go to the states? Did you enjoy your time there?
  8. Hi Walt, welcome to the forum. I’m round the corner from you in Bexleyheath. There is a BBQ ship in Sidcup called BBQ Barn which might be worth a look, or failing that Ruxley Manor garden centre usually has a good selection.
  9. Also forums are a lot slower than they used to be, the rise of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the others has meant a massive decline in forum users.
  10. I’d like to hopefully get involved on the 1st be nice to give it a go.
  11. They have a UK mobile number to contact on the bottom of the homepage maybe drop them a message or call.
  12. Thank you don’t suppose you have a specific model you can recommend?
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