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  1. I’ve used this seller on eBay Wood chunks decent sizes and nice wood. Also I’m sure on of the adverts at bottom of forum used to be a wood supplier.
  2. Be great to see the results
  3. Surely would be okay if not galvanised? So maybe stainless or brass? I remember the guides for UDS’ used to say don’t use galvanised due to the fumes it gives off
  4. Can’t recommend these enough, we currently have our Christmas decorations in one and it’s been great for the last few years. Always well preserved.
  5. Wade, what bbq course do you do?
  6. I’m going to give it a go with plug plants and hopefully sow my own next year. I say I’ll do this but it’s just another thing to add to a massive list of stuff to attempt.
  7. smash

    Fire Pits

    I took my son joydens on Saturday beautiful woodlands to visit. You should try to revisit it Wade.
  8. smash

    Fire Pits

    I’ve literally just been to a garden centre near me called Ruxley Manor they had some great dish type ones with the tripod that can hang over the top. This is the link to the tripod I can’t find the pit on there but it’s in the picture https://www.ruxley-manor.co.uk/shop/products/bbqs-and-firepits/outdoor-heating/tripod-with-hanging-grill.html
  9. I’m interested in giving this a go. Any good guides to follow? also sotv do you keep posting all the great deals on HUKD?
  10. Thank you I did use the code they gave.
  11. Hi I’d suggest reading through similar threads for recommendations, I personally watched loads of YouTube and as a Weber fan went that way.
  12. I have some Bluetooth thermometers and they do work yeah. Really good to be fair. I’ve bought the smoke controller and look forward to trying it.
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