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  1. Thank you I did use the code they gave.
  2. Hi I’d suggest reading through similar threads for recommendations, I personally watched loads of YouTube and as a Weber fan went that way.
  3. I have some Bluetooth thermometers and they do work yeah. Really good to be fair. I’ve bought the smoke controller and look forward to trying it.
  4. Yeah I think I’m in the same boat, also have a couple of other of their products and really like them.
  5. smash

    Cowboy Chilli

    Great looking dish and loved the stove.
  6. Following inkbirds recent release of the inkbird WiFi & Bluetooth BBQ temperature controller,has anyone here gone ahead and purchased one? How is it? The price seems good compared to other brands
  7. smash

    First Sous Vide

    Thank you that’s brilliant.
  8. smash

    First Sous Vide

    Looks lovely, is there a decent guide to follow?
  9. Looks great how did it turn out?
  10. Just bought this from Millets for £75 delivered seems a good price. Millets
  11. They look really nice. Silly question but what would meat glue be used for?
  12. Merry Christmas, it’s forums like this that have stopped me going stir crazy this year.
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