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Forum members in the North West to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  2. Hi Folks, I just want to let you know that Team and Judging applications for this year's competition are now open and we are coming the North West. Smoke and Fire Festivals are proud to be holding the second British Open BBQ Championship a thrilling national BBQ Competition for all - Amateur or Pro. This year Teams and Judges will get to compete and judge in both the SCA Steak Cook-Off and the British Open BBQ Championships across three BBQ weekend festivals around the UK. 18th -19th June - Victoria Park, Southport, Merseyside 30th-31t July Ascot Racecourse ( The Royal Enclosure) Berkshire 20th 21st Aug Castle Park, Colchester Essex This year, Saturdays will see BBQ teams competing in a steak cookoff sanctioned by the SCA for the first time. The SCA is the only sanctioning body focused exclusively on grilling. In addition, there will be several other SCA ancillary rounds for teams to enter and for the public to enjoy the perfect competition if you want to get into competition BBQ Each winner of the individual SCA Steak Cook-Off competition – Southport, Ascot and Colchester will all receive *A £250 cash prize plus a top the range PK Grill worth £849.00, plus some BBQ Goodies from our partner/sponsors and free entry to the 2023 Uk Competition. Plus, each winner of our SCA Steak Cook-Off will receive an invitation to attend and compete at the SCA World Championship in Fort Worth, TX in March of 2023 to compete for $10,000, and the SCA World Championship ther is also great second place prize Second prize which will see you leaving with a great PKGO The Sundays sees us back with four classic rounds provide a chance for your team to really showcase your BBQ and creative cooking skills and to be then judged by our qualified judges and this year, the public although this vote wont go towards your overall scores. Here good just won’t cut it. We are looking for outstanding dishes, creative thinking and individual teams that stand out from the pack. You can enter the competition at any three festivals but must complete both the Saturday and Sunday rounds to be a contender. As there are three festivals this year, you get three chances to enter and improve your overall scores. The team with the highest overall score from a single competition will be named the overall winner and crowned the British Open BBQ Grand Champion 2022 at the Colchester competition this August. Who will be crowned the undisputed British BBQ Open Champion and claim the bragging rights, Title Trophy, £1000 CASH PRIZE plus over £4,200 worth of BBQ Equipment and Accessories plus Golden Ticket to compete for $10,000, and the SCA World Championship One Summer- Three festivals- Four Competitions To find our more abut entering your team of becoming a judge just CLICK HERE Best regards Ashley Smoke & Fire Festivals
  3. Sound, let us know if they're still there! I tended to go early, about 7am and even then it was running low due the restaurants hoovering all the good stuff up. Have a walk round inside too, loads to f places tucked away that specialise in different meat.
  4. nice one @Tabs ill have a look, i work in the yard behind there
  5. No it's in the abattoir building itself. If you stand at the front, with wescotts to your left, it's the entrance to the left of the main central tower. As you walk in the door it was one of the first places on the right. That said I've not been for a couple of years and with all the recent Covid stuff I'm not sure if they're still there.
  6. Glad to help. The ribs supplier is on the left side of the abattoir as you look from the front. Just follow the noise. Not sure of it's still open at the moment but when it is I usually head down there early before work, about 7am even then they're starting to pack up!
  7. Excellent, never been in the abattoir before only into Wescotts. Bookers is only 2 mins from me as well
  8. Hi kev, I've used a few places in Liverpool. Experiences so far... Abattoir on Prescot Road - not the butchers outside head in to the main abbatoir building itself. This is where most of the Chinese restaurants get their ribs from. Come Frozen and they sell both Spare and baby back. Prices have gone up recently due to the pork shortages in China. I've also picked up entire pork shoulders (had to butcher it myself) for about £20. You'll have to navigate the walkways to find each seller as some are down seemingly dead ends. They're all approachable so don't be shy! Bookers wholesale - again good for ribs, boxes of cherry valley baby backs are about £40 and contain 12-13 racks. They also have a butcher in store and can source some larger things. I tend to get bone in belly pork here too. Separate the ribs and you get a nice rack and pork belly! Bexleys butchers - the branch in Old Swan, ask to speak to Ian he can source most cuts with 3-4 days notice. I've ordered Jacobs ladder beef short ribs about £13 per rack. They supply Simon Rimmer's restaurants. There's a place in Gateacre, name escapes me but it's just down from the bear and staff pub. I've not tried it but it comes recommend. This is the pork shoulder I picked up from the abattoir. £23 iirc.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good supplier around Liverpool for meat. Although there’s online suppliers I’d rather my money went local if possible
  10. Welcome to the North West group @Tabs.
  11. Welcome to the North West group @tedmus
  12. Can I extend a warm welcome to all new members of the North West Group. This is your Group to Chat, Post and Highlight local happenings in the North West Region. We would be looking for a Local person to run this Group, so if your up for it, give me a shout!

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