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  1. think I'd be shot if i asked for another freezer downstairs...
  2. ordering the hygrometer to get humidity. not too bad down there, not wet but not dry either. material will get damp after a month or so. cant squeeze another fridge in, already got two freezers as I buy all my meat as whole animals. it was the best way to get really nice quality meat at overall decent price and also means we've had to learn how to use the cuts that are tougher harder to get. Lucky for me, the other buyers don't want their extras so the farmer always organizes for me to get extra trotters, jowls and offal...last year the kids were freaked cause we got 3 pcs of head ...
  3. thanks Ice. we do use the carport but for some reason the previous owners made it ridiculously long and narrow so the car is probably 3mts back from the air brick but I will need to check this before it use it. So if I cure same as I have been (just switching up to Wade'c calculator) the temp at 10 degrees celcius or lower is ok to hang the meat? If so, would 2wks be too long? I'd like to have a few experiments to find out what process we prefer between cures, smoking and aging.
  4. up to yesterday was holding steady at 10 degrees celcius. I'm hoping over the next month it drops to around 5 or lower.
  5. Hi All, fridge space is getting tight and was wanting to take advantage of the cellar for hanging some joints to dry/mature. What would be the minimum I could get away with temp wise and still be safe? I have a spot that's right next to the airing bricks coming in from the carport and there is good airflow there but not sure what is the temp would be suitable after cold smoking. regards Jacqui
  6. downloaded, thanks Justin. Just found out my berkshire arrives Wednesday....
  7. ok, see what you mean. calculating as % is little high on the salt. The scales have a tray that I measure it ingredient then add to larger bowl for mixing. The steaks are only around 1 1/2 inches so thought a week would do it. does leaving it longer change flavour?
  8. Hi Ice fever... My pics r confusing, couldn't work out to load in right order so gave up. I used my normal scales to weigh the meat the used the micro scales for cure... I will remember to use a slick surfaced container next time for the cure and tip in. Thanks for the help.
  9. I had some shoulder steaks tonight defrosted that noone wanted so trying to turn into a gammon type steak. 2 steaks came in at 1112gms. Once cured I will slice for half thickness. I'm trying for 2.75% salt, 1% sugar and used 0.024% Prague powder #1. I bought some reusable sous vide bags that work well so far as vac pac.. £12 for 20..will leave until next Wed... If I've made a mistake or should try differently let me know... Still haven't worked out how to get the cure totally off my hand and in the bag.
  10. Still waiting for mine to arrive... Teeny bit jealous
  11. Jacqui


  12. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I'm not far down the road Icefever but cannot make bacon fast enough to keep up with the demand of kids. Enjoying it so far...
  13. Hi Wade, I've only just started playing around with bacon and smoking. I was wondering if by smoking the gammon after curing you mean cold smoking or hot smoking? I don't really have a setup for hot smoking yet (have a small weber only 18" kettle) so if you cant hot smoke the joint could you cold smoke and bake in the oven or slow simmer in water? Would it lose the smoke flavour if simmered? and how long would you recommend to cold smoke for. if at all? thanks for any advice. Jacqui
  14. Hi, joined the forum to learn more about the topic.
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