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  1. I’ve got a rotisserie for my Weber, I was thinking that if I got a Kamado Joe I’d probably get a Joetisserie to go with it. But as I tend to do more fast cooks than slow ones I’m now reconsidering whether to bother to upgrade or not.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I may just wait and see how it goes but I also have a ooni 3 pizza oven that could fulfil most of the functions you mention.
  3. I’ve been cooking with a Weber Master Touch for several years but I’m seriously thinking of upgrading to a Kamado Joe Classic. Given that storage space is limited, is there any advantage in keeping the Weber?
  4. I know that people recommend hot smoking for mackerel but is it possible to cold smoke them? If so what is the curing process and smoking time?
  5. The first time I saw anyone having a BBQ was Fred Flintsone cooking a bronto steak way back in the day (early 60s). That image always stuck with me so the first time I tried to BBQ anything was with a 2" thick T bone, that was also in nearly prehistoric times (1970's).
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    Hi Monkey Can't see one on their website, I'll contact them during office hours and find out what they've got.
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    Hi Ice I've already got the Weber gourmet griddle but I'm after something that I can easily do smash burgers on. The second one looks like just the thing that I'm after. I'll wait and see if I get any alternative posts but if not I'll probably get the Smokerig. Cheers
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    Hi all I'm looking for a steel plancha to fit my Weber 57cm kettle. Does anyone know where I can get one or maybe have one made?
  9. What's KCBS? Excuse my ignorance. I'm gonna guess that the B stands for barbecue.
  10. Cheers Ice I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes as well as submitting a couple of tried and true ones of my own.
  11. Duh! I've just discovered that if I use the tablet in landscape mode, rather than portrait, I can see all the tabs & headings. Sorry for the last couple of posts.
  12. Thanks Justin No wonder I couldn't find the link, the tabs and headings just don't show up on the Safari browser that I'm using on my iPad. I'll have to try a different browser or use my laptop instead. Cheers
  13. How do I join a local group? I can't find a link to them on the forum.
  14. Sorry Justin I'm away visiting friends in North Wales next weekend, I'll keep my eyes (and potatoes) peeled for the next event.
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