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  1. Paolo

    Pulled pork

    Cheers that’s what I thought 👍
  2. Paolo

    Pulled pork

    Every time I do pulled pork it’s always great...But the rind is always virtually inedible! Do you guys remove the tough outer rind Before prep ? when I see these guys on instagram they just seem to pull right through it , but I suspect they remove it? At the same time I’m worried removing it will dry the meat out cheers
  3. My local butcher describes them as king ribs
  4. I find it great at low temperature, but I struggle to get it really hot , for searing etc after a low cook. Next time I do a steak I might just sear it on the charcoal starter
  5. Paolo

    Today’s cook

    Bit of pulled pork , turned out nice 👍 8 hours on the Weber kettle around 120c maintained most of the duration. Homemade simple rub cheap Asda pork shoulder. Very nice it was
  6. Hi mate i have a Webber kettle, I have also been using the same briquettes. I’ve had the kettle two weeks. The first weekend I smoked ribs and roasted a pork leg the following day. Both indirect with the food in the centre and coals either side. The results were decent. this last weekend I again did ribs and the following day pulled pork. This time I had the coals on one side and the food opposite. Both went wrong. I’m pretty sure this is because with the latter setup the temperature gauge is over the coals with the exhaust over my food, thus giving a very different reading. I d
  7. I actually can’t believe people pay £15 + for seasoning .... make your own and spend the money on more meat ! Also shop around for spices - those jars they sell at the supermarket are I believe the biggest marked up item in the shop. Morrison’s sometimes have 100g packets of rajah spices at much kore reasonable prices, failing that you can get them online or at local indoor food markets
  8. Paolo

    Pork chops

    I think pork is so underrated... which is good for us because it keeps the price down 😉
  9. Stick it in a Mac n cheese 😋😋😋
  10. Yes your right , what got me is they’re not exactly priced or marketed as a cheap import . 95% of the population would agree 200 is a lot of money for a bbq. I basically gave up on the smoke chamber after 2 attempts and just used it as a grill or indirect for simple stuff like wings thighs or the odd butterflied lamb shoulder , it is ok for that - I still have it - but at it’s price point it’s a bad buy .
  11. I bought one 4 years ago , cost well over £200, and I just couldn’t get on with it. Smoke leaks everywhere, it put me off smoking up until now. I’ve just bought a weber original kettle - the one with the one touch cleaner and variable smoke settings £220 and far better for low and slow/ smoking . The landsman look great but imo style over substance and also bits kept dropping off it - handles etc .... sorry probably not what you want to hear. Also I totally agree when you spend good money on something, you shouldn’t have to shell our extra just to get it to function.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I was cooking to a time (ish) . I have enjoyed cooking for many years so I know by sight and feel and experience when most stuff is cooked, but I’d never cooked a rack of ribs before. I found a table for cooking times on line so used that as a guide. I managed to keep the temp between 225 and 275 f ( sorry for the Americanism, but I find the numbers easier to memorise in bbq world!!) for pretty much the whole time and from memory think I did them for about 3.15 hours, did the bend/ break test , foiled glazed and put back for about 45 minutes . I also shoved my instant
  13. First cook on my new Weber kettle spare ribs , and the following day a roast pork leg joint. i was happy enough with the ribs, just possibly over tender, as the meat fell off the bone - I was after just a little bite to them . Also it might have been my imagination but it seemed the bones had moved within the meat? Is this possible? It’s just I had awful trouble finding the line to cut them when serving? They were nice though and quite chuffed for a first attempt. The pork was the most juicy roast I can remember eating, but only got crackling on about 70% of the skin. I used a
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