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  1. Hi all, I bought a 2.2kg cut of free range Boson Butt from https://thevillagebutchers.co.uk Cooked low and slow with cherry wood for 7 hours. It turned out great, very intense smokey flavour, tender and juicy. Hope you all had a good weekend!!
  2. the grommets are included but I forgot to put them in initially. They are metal and threaded and comes with a nut. They are items 26 & 27 on user guide and came in a small plastic bag with other metal parts.
  3. I assembled my callow earlier today and also cured it. Pleased with the quality of it for £89.99
  4. It has the wired rods/bars on the base so is a mark 3. Thanks for your help to confirm & I can't wait to get going with it.
  5. My callow smoker arrived today, bought on jtf.com but shipped from Callow in Lincoln. It looks good at £89.99 but I wonder what version I have? On the box is says CVBS01 so I think it maybe version 1. @ Wade, would you know what version this is? I also emailed Callow but have not heard back yet Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi all, I am Mark in Manchester, I have been mostly grilling for about 12 months. Was inspired during lockdown after watching countless BBQ videos on youtube. I bought a weber go anywhere for grilling and then started using it for roasting and smoking small joints of meat indirect. I took the plunge and just received a callow, it seem like a solid little smoker. I will do some basic cooks soon to get hang of using it and will share experiences/photos. This looks like a cool forum. Cheers Mark
  7. Hi guys, I ordered a callow smoker from jtf.com at £89.99 which has just arrived. I thought the price was great compared to other sites but I fear I may have received version 1 of the product and I have heard its been revised and improved since then to a third or fourth version. The item number on box and user guide is CVBS01. The base has 3 vents and charcoal basked has a solid metal band. Have I received version 1? My guess is jtf.com can sell at £89.99 because they are the channel for selling off any remaining v 1's Any thoughts would be appreciated? Thanks Mark
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