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  1. yeah, bbq was in the back yard ,only got a small terraced house, we had showers on and off , it was a bit scary, i was in and out the house checking the temp to make sure it wasnt fluctuating too much, ive watched a few vids online and noticed quite a few people mentioning too only use the 3 2 1 as a guide, im going o use the big k briqquettes tomorrow fingers crossed 🤞
  2. thanks fellas yeah might have a go tomorrow at ribs , better weather tomorrow , its been raining on and off here all day which made me a bit more proud of my cook
  3. Hi everyone, I managed too do my first ever proper cook today , it was only a spatchcock chicken on a second hand kettle but it was my first go at proper bbq, I was so pleased with the results and so were the kids, it all got eaten so it must of been good I used big k lumpwood charcoal , just over a chimney full , I managed too keep the temp over the chicken around a steady 275-300 which I achieved, first time at trying too regulate temp, The cook time was approx 2hr A big thank you too @Icefeverfor the help and advice I'm buzzing
  4. Thanks for the help @Icefever I think i will try and do a chicken first before I attempt ribs , The vents are together, one on the inside and one outside , they mirror each other , which confused me as they both have too be lined up to create the gap/ vent , I'm pretty sure just one would do the same job, that's why I posted incase I was missing something
  5. any advice ?? im hoping to have a go at trying some ribs thursday
  6. Hi everyone , I was recently given a kettle bbq and I am hoping too be able too learn how to smoke on it , I have been watching alot of videos online on how too do low and slow cooks , one thing that I noticed alot was that temp controll is key, after lots of videos and reading I now think i am ready and understand how too regulate temp and maybe ready to have ago at maybe doing some ribs , the stumbling block I have is that all videos all show weber kettles , mine is not a weber and the vents I have are different, I know that it's still the same technique in regards too how too control temp
  7. Can you use , say oak wood , that has just been chopped or do you need too let it completely dry out ?
  8. i am new on here only joined yesterday , there are a few threads i have followed incase of good deals , this being one of them , thanks for the heads up sotv
  9. Big joe

    Hi all

    cheers carlos will have a read through now
  10. Big joe

    Hi all

    Hi everyone My name is Joe im from Liverpool and I am a newbie when it comes too the art of bbq , smoking, im 36 and have always enjoyed bbq food , at home in my mums they always had a gas bbq and i was usually the one too cook on it for small family gatherings , just the typical uk bbq ie burgers, sausages, chops the odd chicken skewer, last year i was bought an xl teppenyaki hot plate which i used to do food on in the summer for my family, i have recently in the past few weeks been given a 57cm kettle bbq, which had only been used once, i thought too myself that i really want
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