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  1. Those look amazing! Also didn't know Bookers sold Jacobs, where they in the usual meat section or did you have to order?
  2. Think it was 250°f or there abouts.
  3. Go unwrapped and if possible use a strong wood such as oak, cherry or even a combination of both. The bark adheres to a decent rub so don't be afraid to go too heavy. These were 10'ish hours unwrapped on a pellet smoker. In fact they were overdone and lost some of that valuable fat!
  4. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.liverpoolwoodpellets.co.uk Those are some shockingly bad reviews! I've only ever dealt with them directly, by collecting and paying cash so never had any of these problems.
  5. Great write up 👍 The consumption comparison is something I try and look for in any review, so it's good to know they're on par with something like Weber pellets which you would expect to be up to the task. If the Lil Devils don't make an appearance I'll order up some of these.
  6. Nice looking slab. I love the way the fat breaks down during cooking on these cuts, very similar to brisket.
  7. Order from John Davidsons arrived yesterday. Looking forward to trying out the Brisket! Also going to have a stab at curing the pork belly and making some bacon.
  8. That sounds like a good deal. The rack I cooked was rough 2kg. Look forward to seeing your results!
  9. Great, look forward to hearing your findings!
  10. If you're planning to run the short rib un-wraped, the biggest giveaway they were nearly done is the fact they start dropping like a broken fridge. That's the magic point. Wrapped wold be a bit more difficult to judge aside from the temperature indicator.
  11. Thanks Justin! I've had a stab at making my own, following the Meathead and Pitque recipes and maybe I'm just not using fresh enough ingredients, but they just never seem to hit the taste buds the same way some of the commercial rubs do. That said the sauces I've made have been great so maybe I need the revisit rubs again?
  12. I did something similar with my UDS. Took a steel pizza pan, whizzed the raised sides off and then Swiss cheesed it. Let's heat through and allows the fat drippings to hit the coals and flavour the food.
  13. Tabs


    They look lovely! Deffo going to try out the Chimichurri. Got some jalapeno and cheese sausages on order from JD - can't wait.
  14. First post updated with prices. It's easier for new users to find the most recent data if I do it like that! Rather than wading through posts to find the most price information. @sotv Interesting prices with Alfresco. They must want shut of the Walnut stuff as the 2 x 10kg for £30 delivered works out slightly cheaper than taking the 8 x 10kg deal.
  15. Thanks I'll add those to the table later today. Just a note on walnut, I've got a bag of BBQ'ers delight walnut pellets and those things are strong! Lotta flavour. Good for beef but wouldn't use it on pork or chicken.
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