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  1. https://eu.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/local/silverton/2019/10/26/class-action-lawsuit-traeger-grills-bbq-wood-pellets-utah/4014211002/ Interesting development. No details of Trager's response other than the marketing blurb being changed to update the wording. I've not used Traeger Pellets before but I have long suspected some brands don't quite do what they say on the tin. Think I'll stick with Lil' Devils for the time being ☠️
  2. It'll fit a good amount of food on. I've had about 8 racks of baby backs on there with plenty room to spare.
  3. I ordered through Scott at Angus and Oink. However I've just had a look and they don't seem to list them anymore. But A&O were just agents, the order itself came a place called BBQ Europe, think that's over in eastern Europe (Poland it Czechoslovakia). Took about 3 weeks to arrive from time of order. https://www.bbqeurope.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi7DtBRCLARIsAGCJWBroS1sWIiBHiz4Bv5q5a8J82X4nCrZbXZK_ZPWR_UIv2bEFow747XYaArgvEALw_wcB I had a few freebies thrown in like a free cover and pellets. Plus a small discount. I went for the YS640 competition cart. Smidge over £3k delivered.
  4. Rec Tec are getting rave reviews over the pond. Most of the GMG crowd have switched to them. Not sure if there is an EU supplier though. I bit the bullet and went with a Yoder. If you want capacity, versatility and something that's as heavy as a horse I'd highly recommend any of their lineup.
  5. Tabs

    Howdy all

    She's a beaut'! Even if the yanks couldn't get their head around Gril being spelt with one L 😁
  6. Tabs

    Howdy all

    Welcome Nige! Did I see your UDS on one of the smoking Sub Reddits a few weeks ago?
  7. Excellent timing, I'm thinking about ordering one of the Excel 20 versions of these: https://www.macsbbq.com/accessories/proq-plancha The Excel 20 is sized at 50cm, would there be any reason why it would work with say a 57cm Weber Kettle?
  8. Delivery arrived. Only opened one bag so far.... Won't know until I delve deeper but it looks like small chunks.
  9. She's a beaut' don't let anyone else tell you different 😎 You should only need another 1-2 inlets to get it up to where you need for hot and fast stuff.
  10. Fantastic thanks for the heads up. Just ordered 4 bags to see me through to next year. The last lot of CPL restaurant grade I've got left over is getting dumped at the tip. It was absolutely crap 👎
  11. Me too. Swore by it for years, especially in my UDS but this new stuff is like a bag of hollow gravel! Thanks Dave I'll check that out.
  12. Yep that should work just bear in mind it needs to be a good seal. I use food grade tubs my missus gets her cake icing delivered in. Pellets left in the hopper are fine. They'll get burnt off first during the warm up cycle. If your feeder has the same facility as mine then you can prime the pot with a button, which continually feeds the pellets so you can flush the hopper through. Granted though mine doesn't get left outside for long periods but it is covered.
  13. Excellent they're really good on price. Tip for storage by the way. Use sealed plastic containers to store any opened bags. Pellets will expand if any moisture is present and it severely effects their efficiency when you come to use them. I decant my pellets into plastic buckets with sealed lids. Get roughly 2 buckets to a bag.
  14. Good stuff! How much did you get the pellets for?
  15. Yeah worth stocking up and throwing a few in the freezer. Haven't tried them for a Brisket or shoulder yet but I'm aiming to do a BBQ for the other half next month so I'll give them a go.
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