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  1. Me too. Swore by it for years, especially in my UDS but this new stuff is like a bag of hollow gravel! Thanks Dave I'll check that out.
  2. Yep that should work just bear in mind it needs to be a good seal. I use food grade tubs my missus gets her cake icing delivered in. Pellets left in the hopper are fine. They'll get burnt off first during the warm up cycle. If your feeder has the same facility as mine then you can prime the pot with a button, which continually feeds the pellets so you can flush the hopper through. Granted though mine doesn't get left outside for long periods but it is covered.
  3. Excellent they're really good on price. Tip for storage by the way. Use sealed plastic containers to store any opened bags. Pellets will expand if any moisture is present and it severely effects their efficiency when you come to use them. I decant my pellets into plastic buckets with sealed lids. Get roughly 2 buckets to a bag.
  4. Good stuff! How much did you get the pellets for?
  5. Yeah worth stocking up and throwing a few in the freezer. Haven't tried them for a Brisket or shoulder yet but I'm aiming to do a BBQ for the other half next month so I'll give them a go.
  6. Popped in to Bexley's Butchers in Old Swan and got talking to the butcher to see if they could source larger cuts for me - stuff like packer briskets and whole shoulders - which I've been ordering from Tom Hixson and Turner and George, or going down to the abatoir on Prescot Road at silly o'clock in the morning to get. After a good chat it turns out they supply a few of the restaurants in Liverpool, including Simon Rimmer's gaff in Wootlon. Anyway they can get their hands on Jacobs ladder so I ordered a slab. Came in at Ā£13 and they were were too notch.
  7. It's a Yoder Jacket for the YS640. I had a trip to the US a couple of months back and smuggled it back in my hold luggage (the jacket not the smoker šŸ˜„) But a welding blanket would do the job nicely. Just needs to go over the main chamber surface. Your LG900 looks easy to adapt it with a single panel and some U shaped clips under the lid.
  8. Yep Lil Devils from Liverpool Wood Pellets. Last lot I got worked out Ā£5 bag. Go down and collect, just call first to see if they've got stock in and mention you'll pay cash. I get roughly 20hrs cooking per bag (added an insulating jacket so it's more efficient). In all honesty I've tried Treager and Cookshack and there was little difference to Lil Devils. If I need an extra boost I just use a pellet tube and BBQ'ers delight flavoured pellets. Works it much, much cheaper. Will give the pork belly method a go caramelised anything is full of win šŸ’Ŗ
  9. Has anyone had anything from them recently? Picked up a 2 X 12kg bags last month (from cpl via eBay) but only got around to using it this week. Bugger me it's terrible.... Small chunks and they feel overly light and not very dense - candy floss like. Cooking with a full chimney worth on the Weber Kettle nets about 30 mins cooking time before it wastes away, the heat drops dramatically and I need to add more. Cooked a spatchcocked chicken on Thursday and had to add 3 loads..... Last good bag I had would burn steadily for at least 2 hours and had chunks the size of a babies head!
  10. This is borderline McGuyver spec šŸ˜„
  11. Hey another Scouse Pellet Smoker! Welcome! Pork belly looks good what was your process? Had my pellet smoker for a year now and I've found a place down in Bootle that does cheap pellets.
  12. Well that was a breeze! Both the diffuser and cover fit perfectly in my duffle case and there were no signs of it being fingered by security bods. Though I did get stung for an extra 5kg excess luggage charge ($100) it was worth it. KLM don't use a sliding scale charge either and I would have been able to bring a few other bits back. (Had to leave a container of seasoned salt behind) šŸ™„ Did a couple of BBQ's at my mates place whilst in LA, too. Aside from the astronomical cost of meat, like a fresh chicken costing $13 I found the quality of meat to be excellent. USDA rating needs to be a thing over here. Roll on next weekend I'm planning to do some cowboy ribeyes and finally get to use the grill grates I've had sitting round for a year!
  13. Find your nearest local abattoir. Most major city's have them dotted around. It's where most of your independent restaurants get some of their meat (a lot of them use Brakes for larger deliveries). A lot of the Chinese restaurants here in Liverpool bulk buy their ribs from the abattoir, it's almost an adventure in itself to stand and watch them haggle with the traders for 30 boxes at the best price! Then I come along wanting one.... šŸ˜„ Just a note on Brakes. Tried joining through my partner's catering business but they want a minimum Ā£200 spend per month before they'll even flash their catalog past your eyes.
  14. Just realised I've not posted a picture of the UDS I did. You can just make out the scorched remains of the diffuser plate mentioned in one of my previous posts. Still get used now and then šŸ˜„
  15. Thanks chaps all encouraging views! I'm going to bring back an insulating cover for the Yoder as well and the value of both items is below the threshold for being tugged for tax. Will keep a copy of the invoice inside the suitcase so if customs (on either side) decide to have a nose, they can at least work out what is. Rather then guessing if it's a part from an armoured tank and I end up with the white glove treatment
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