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  1. Between 12 and 14. Varies based on size of the racks. I cheekily open the box and have a quick eyeball of the quality to pick the best box.
  2. Sound, let us know if they're still there! I tended to go early, about 7am and even then it was running low due the restaurants hoovering all the good stuff up. Have a walk round inside too, loads to f places tucked away that specialise in different meat.
  3. No it's in the abattoir building itself. If you stand at the front, with wescotts to your left, it's the entrance to the left of the main central tower. As you walk in the door it was one of the first places on the right. That said I've not been for a couple of years and with all the recent Covid stuff I'm not sure if they're still there.
  4. Unsure if it helps but I disconnected the glow plug on my Yoder and just light the pellets with a blow torch. Actually speeds up the priming process. I Found the glow plug just created way too much white smoke. So much so a neighbor came legging it round thinking the house was on fire! Something about the flow plug just didn't sit right with me.
  5. Forgot to update this with results of the alfresco pellets. Happy to say they performed effortlessly and packed a lot of flavour. Only got a couple of pics of the ribs cooking but it shows the job in progress. Lovely colour and smoke ring when sliced.
  6. I use these food grade plastic tubs, which hold about 5kg worth. Air tight and easy to handle. Got stacks of them as the missus runs a cake business but something similar won't set you back more than a few quid?
  7. Alfresco order arrived. Well packaged for delivery but the bags the pellets are in have ventilation holes - top and bottom. I store my bags in the garage, which can get damp, so I've transferred half the pellets straight into plastic tubs. The remaining two bags I've taped up to prevent moisture getting at 'em. I figure this is due to EU regulation about choking hazards and plastic bags. The US pellets I've used are in sealed bags which helps if you need to store them for long periods. Anyway, not a show stopper and looking forward to giving them a go in the Yoder tomorrow. Got 6 racks of baby backs and all kinds of chicken and kebabs to get through.
  8. Thanks, I'm running low on Lil Devils and haven been using a drum smoker to bridge the gap! Going to order 5 bags to tide me over. At £12.50 and free delivery it works out £1.25 / kilo which is a great price.
  9. Tabs

    UDS baffle plate

    Here's the baffle plate I use. Think it was 50mm steel pizza pan, with the sides whizzed off with a grinder and Swiss cheesed. It's about 1-2mm thick. Bought off eBay for about a tenner.
  10. Hello and welcome David! Few of us from Liverpool and the surrounding areas nice to see another local 👍
  11. Those look amazing! Also didn't know Bookers sold Jacobs, where they in the usual meat section or did you have to order?
  12. Think it was 250°f or there abouts.
  13. Go unwrapped and if possible use a strong wood such as oak, cherry or even a combination of both. The bark adheres to a decent rub so don't be afraid to go too heavy. These were 10'ish hours unwrapped on a pellet smoker. In fact they were overdone and lost some of that valuable fat!
  14. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.liverpoolwoodpellets.co.uk Those are some shockingly bad reviews! I've only ever dealt with them directly, by collecting and paying cash so never had any of these problems.
  15. Great write up 👍 The consumption comparison is something I try and look for in any review, so it's good to know they're on par with something like Weber pellets which you would expect to be up to the task. If the Lil Devils don't make an appearance I'll order up some of these.
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