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Successful first attempt!

Sarah Duffy

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Pretty good first attempt I think! We’ve been going 7 hours now, just popped some beef cubes in that were brought by friends. See what happens with those.

small beef joint, bbq chicken and souvlaki chicken (finished on grill for a few mins to brown off as we were starving) and some sausages. 

Almost all of it has been eaten and no one has vommitted yet. Sausages especially amazing! Much nicer than grilled.

Had a bit of wind, rain, sun but seemed to take little effort to keep the temp in range. 

Before and after pics!

Thank you all for your help so far!




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8 minutes ago, Justin said:

My only observation which is obviously down to individual taste is the beef if I did this would be medium rare at most.  Did you use probes to help decide when to take off and allow for a 5 degs c rise whilst rests?

Yes, but I prefer it well done. Steak I like medium rare but I generally like a well done joint (for the cheaper cut) and medium for the more tender cuts

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