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  1. The roast parsnip soup always is quite sweet anyway. So simple but delicious as the roasting caramelises it.
  2. Ah ok. Might try small quantity. Bit of honey perhaps. I don’t have maple. I have hickory, oak, Apple, cherry, various barrel chips and something else I can’t remember!
  3. Thanks! The ribs were pretty naff. Think I’ll just smoke next time! Brisket burnt ends today. There’s a toast parsnip soup I make a lot so thinking I might try that on the smoker but might taste a bit rank?
  4. Yes I filled sous vide to the brim
  5. Mad start to the yearbut finally back to it. Late night smoke last night and just starting to load in tonight’s tea. Rib rack has been stewing away I’m the sous vide and then transferring to smoker. Fatty in and some other bits to throw on (gotta have some sausages and burgers). Brisket flat thawing to become burnt ends on Sunday along with a pork shoulder for pulled pork.
  6. First blow torch arriving tomorrow! Will give it a go. Hoping to burn out the smoker now that ive beaten it back into place. May try grilling too (all assuming the toddler allows this...)
  7. First go at this. Nice. I’ll ease off the pepper next time as it has quite the kick judging by my tester piece. Lmay be a bit much for Isaac and Byron. Fine with yoghurt mind. Firat one in tomorrow hopefully! If the family don’t like... well that’s just fine with me 😈
  8. My smoker took a hit in some high winds before Xmas. Only minor things to fix to make it useable again but.. it needs a hell of a good clean. I read something about just doing a burn to clean? Any tips before I start getting the baking soda out and trying to soak and clean? Hoping to get it sorted on Tuesday so I can do pulled pork Thursday. Thanks in advance!
  9. I bet! Mangos are fantastic with pork. Sweet potato is always a good side.
  10. And sous vide salmon is the bees knees! Great to be able to use many more cheaper cuts of meat now. Would like to get a blow torch to try but I’ve read many don’t like the flavour it adds
  11. Oxtails were a regular dish in my nannas house! Best gravy without doubt
  12. Ooo I will try this when callow is fixed!
  13. Happy new year! Yeah still sous vide everything! I try to steam veggies but use sous vide veggies for convenience as needed. Tried countless ideas and suggestions but nicely steamed has the edge somehow. no smoke yet as still haven’t had chance to sort out the callow. It got beaten up a bit in some high winds at the end of last year. Also needs a good clean. our turkey and beef joint we’re both sous vide then browned off in the oven on high for 30 mins. The BEST turkey I’ve ever had. No addition of greases other than from the stuffing and bacon wrap but it was so, so juicy and just delicious. desperate to get he smoker going again! Have masses of coals and chunks just calling me. Byron keeps nagging for a fatty. My first thing will be a pulled pork; smoked and then sous vide. Plan to do same for a brisket flat
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