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Masterbuild gravity fed digital charcoal grill and smoker


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Yes.  Shipping I guess but even that does not explain it.  Also rust issues which is fair enough, supposed to oil the parts that can rust and its fine.  But Weber build no rust ever on the kettle i have for so long now, might go for it but no rush.  The Facebook fan group i see shows brilliant cooks and lots of mods and discussion, it is very well established community. Some  people have fan problems but nothing that can not be fixed.  One person has been doing beef jerky on one at 70F, Amazing

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  • WiFi enabled Charcoal Grill
  • High Cooking Temperature
  • Smoker and Grill
  • Unique Design


  • Limited Construction Quality
  • Long Term Durability Unknown
  • Lowest Temperature is 225 degrees
  • High Charcoal Consumption




  • 560 square inches of total cooking space
  • Three cooking grates
  • Enamelled steel construction
  • Temperature range between 225 and 700 degrees F
  • WiFi Enabled with proprietary app
  • Forced air flame acceleration
  • Charcoal hopper holds 10 pounds of lump or 16 pounds of briquettes
  • Removable ash catcher
  • One side table
  • Four wheel cast
  • Made in China by Masterbuilt


had mine for a few weeks now and i have to say i’m pretty impressed with both the smoke and grill aspects. Biggest ‘complaint’ i have is not being able to ‘easily’ remove charcoal that i’ve filled the ‘hopper’ with. I could just remove the grate thing and have it all fall down in the ash bucket, but that’s not as big as the hopper or chamber that the charcoal is loaded into. Given, it’s not often you’d want to do that, but sometimes i would like to do the wood chunks in layers with charcoal, but then next time i cook, i might not want the wood. This is the method i’d try to use for a long smoke if i didn’t want to have to go throw a few chunks in the ash bin every hour or so. I was skeptical about the ash bin being a good place to put the wood chunks but i did it with ribs yesterday and it worked great. Great smoke ring and the ribs were super moist even though i overcooked them a tad (one rack fell in half when i picked it up if that tells you anything). The ability for it to get up to 700 degrees is awesome.. i’ve grilled numerous steaks on this thing and i have to say, i prefer it over my 4 burner weber gas grill anyday. Seriously, great for searing, the grates even have a beveled side for smoking and a flat side for searing. I do have some problems connecting it to wifi, but that could be because of where i have it right now.. i’ll know once i move it closer to where my router is at. If that starts working and i can use my app to monitor/control things, that would give me a full 5 stars worth of happiness. I guess bottom line is if you are ok with ‘cheating’ but still want that wood chunk smoke that you can’t get with other smokers and also have the ability to get a great charcoal sear on your steaks, this is probably the best option out in my opinion


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The thing is, this grill seems to do it all. 

Low and slow, ability to add smoke by choice of wood, control via internet and high heat searing. It’s 50% cheaper than Weber’s Smokefire and has more features as you can’t control this via an app, or add extra smoke and it gets hotter than the Weber and the Broil King pellet grill yet costs half the price. 

No doubt the build quality is not going to be visually as good but there’s only a 2 year warranty on the broil king costing £1500 anyway. 

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I figure however even that doesn't clarify it. Additionally rust issues which is reasonable enough, expected to oil the parts that can rust and its fine. Be that as it may, Weber fabricate no rust ever on the pot I have for such a long time currently, might pull out all the stops however no surge. The Facebook fan bunch I see shows splendid cooks and heaps of mods and conversation, it is very entrenched network. A few people have fan issues yet nothing that can not be fixed. One individual has been doing hamburger jerky on one at 70F, Amazing


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A colleague of mine is in New York with a spare luggage allowance. I asked her to pick one up for me if she could as it is cheaper there but I can not see it will happen. To big and heavy I suspect but maybe..  390 quid in the US.   

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It's nearly 70kg dead weight closer to 300kg volumetric weight, how much luggage allowance does she get. By the time you have paid Vat and Taxes on all of that, will be closer to £600+ I suspect (not something she can smuggle through "nothing to declare" in her suitcase and hope to get away with it), along with the need to convert it to UK voltage.

There is a reason it is the cost it is in the UK. Hopefully you get it for £390 though.

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I never understood why people directly compare advertised prices in the US vs UK?  Firstly the prices in the US do not include their version of VAT (sales tax) as they have to in the EU, delivery charges are very seldom built in as they are here, then you have shipping charges and import duties the distributor has to pick up. Add all of that together and it's not insignificant.  So it's impossible to compare prices unless you factor these in

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Would like to know if anyone in the UK/EU has one of these.. got my reliable Weber kettle for > 5 years now. But looking for something more high tech so I can chill bit more without having to be too overly concern of the temperatures... 

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