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and the next load...


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We went to Bookers on Thur and bought a load of meat,  started this morning on the bacon.  The loin we had was a big bugger....6.465 kg.



Cut into 3 sections,  2.455 kg, 1.727 kg, 2.089 kg.......




All vac-packed now with a standard  #1..Salt & Pepper, #2..Sweetcure...#3...Italian.





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21 minutes ago, Simon said:

I really should try doing bacon. I just never get round to giving it a go. 

Start off with a small pork belly say 1kg or loin,  cure, into a zip lock and into the fridge for 7 days,  turn every day. You'll never buy shop bought again.



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11 hours ago, Phlashster said:

Yes, I have got the Angus and Oink Christmas cure.

Tried a small piece and it is lovely.

Going big now to share with the family over Christmas.


What are the ingredients in the Christmas cure out of interest? I have tried a few flavoured home cures in the past and although some are nice. I have settled now on a plain Salt and Tellicherry Pepper mix for the bacon I do.

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