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  1. For that size, with the optional doors, £300. That is built to order and delivered in sections on a pallet. They even send a driver end for your screwdriver in with the screws. Minimal assembly. The base, sides and roof are fully complete. You just screw the back posts and sides to the base, attach the two back panels, throw on the central front post, fix the roof down to that lot and then attach the doors. Even the hinges are premounted. Phil.
  2. I have only used it the once so far, but it worked brilliantly. The smoke comes out of the large gap above the doors. With the gaps underneath the floor and at the rear of the roof as well, plenty of air can get in. In the really heavy and prolonged rain we have had, the roof gets saturated and some drips have come through. The minutest fraction compared to not being in the shelter though! I am going to find a sealer of some type to paint the roof with to add some extra weather proofing. I know it shouldn't rust anyway, but i was always wary of using my nice shiny new Pro Q it in the rain. I am thinking the Pro Q is likely to be even more stable and use less fuel during winter cooks. The Kamado doesn't seem to care whatever happens. Phil.
  3. Hi Justin, https://www.outdoor-wooden-furniture.co.uk/product/gidleigh-6ft-double-bay-log-store/ Seems like a small company, husband and wife team. Other sizes are available. Thanks, Phil.
  4. Sheesh...kids eh? No dedication or focus these days........ 🤣
  5. Looks like we might need to sneak you some supplies fella....
  6. We don't do turkey. But i have stated that I would like to cook our Christmas meats over charcoal. We would normally have beef for Christmas day (3 or 4 rib roast usually cooked rare) So i am hoping to do short beef ribs for our Christmas day meal (already arranged with the local farm shop as its not something they would normally offer for Christmas orders, but the ones they sell are massive and meaty), a gammon for over the duration (probably buy a cured gammon and smoke it), likely some chicken for one or two of the days and hopefully steak and lobster for New Years Eve meal. (If i can source decent lobster). I will be curing some bacon, so if i pull my finger out and get a cold smoke generator, i would like to try smoking some of that, some cheese and possibly some salmon. Phil.
  7. I would be interested to see that. I am currently trying to find a sturdy table for mine to sit on in the shelter. I could just move my current solution into it. 😁 For the short term, i just might. Phil.
  8. Hi Charlie, I have the cake tin adaptor on a Pro Q and i find it fits well and is solid. Definitely worth seeing if you can tighten this up. If its loose, it might affect your results. (loose = extra air = harder to keep temps low) That second graph looks perfect. It looks like you have some epic cooks ahead! I normally use briquettes for these low and slow controlled cooks also. As @Skagg2000 said above, the minion always tracks towards the air input from the Smartfire so i start my minion 'offset' away from the Smartfire rather than in the centre. 👍 Phil.
  9. @hoogl The La Hacienda one is larger than the Lidl one, but check this out. Just figure out how big you want the disc and use the stainless steel cupboard hooks i found. Phil.
  10. Superb Hoogl, Mine is a beast really. Overkill for the need of basic shelter from the wind and rain. Your DIY skills outweigh mine! It is clearly doing a great job for you. I have only put one small hanger in mine so far to take USB rechargeable LED lamp for some light through these dark winter cooks ahead. Hanging for some tools etc is on the list once i get the table in for the Jr sized Kamado. Phil.
  11. lol No. I called earlier to speak to Cindy to book. She doesn't work weekends. Phil.
  12. I will be coming to this. Will book some accommodation on Monday when Cindy is back in the office. Phil.
  13. So..an update. I ordered one of these quite a few weeks back. It was delivered on a pallet just before i went away. So it has been sat waiting for me. I managed to get it assembled this morning before the rain came. Very solid materials. Two of us can't lift it to be honest. We have now shuffled it into place however. The front doors have a decent gap at the top.(Banana for scale) There is a good gap all the way underneath also And there is a gap at the back between the roof and the rear also The Pro Q fits in nicely. Plenty of clearance. I have got the Pro Q coming up to temp for a piece of shoulder. Let's see how it goes. It is now raining. But I am in the house monitoring the Smartfire from the warm and dry. 😁 Phil.
  14. I am sure it would do a turn. Good find Nick.
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