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  1. I love to know what the chuck rolls are like. Can you show us some piccies? I would like to try a decent bit of chuck and treat it like a brisket. Phil.
  2. Sorry to hear this Steve.
  3. Thanks Ice! Happy New Year to everyone! Phil.
  4. OK, you have got me confused. It clearly shows the price at £185 on the website. But remember the additional taxes and import duties you need to pay when it arrive sin the UK. There are no wireless probes available just now. Some users have requested as a future feature, integration with Meater wireless temperature probes. That is not to say it will ever happen! Phil.
  5. Hi Sargan, Do you mean this? https://smartfirebbq.com/products/smartfire-controller-super-summer-pack If so, this is about £185 plus taxes and import duty. And a 7-14 day wait for it to ship from Australia. (I did this, as they were not sold in the UK when i purchased mine) They are the same product. None of the probes are wireless. They all need to be plugged into the orange box which is the electronics and the fan. They only offer one model of unit. The summer pack includes the protective case, winders and all 4 probes for about £10 more than the base unit. This the same as the Macs BBQ offer. Phil.
  6. So the logic behind the lid open mode is along the lines of, because the lid is open, the fire has access to unlimited oxygen. As a result, if the fan started again immediately, the fire would build to be too hot and your pit temp will overshoot. Other controllers without lid open mode do exactly this it seems. All pits are different but it seems to take nearly 10 mins for my ProQ to balance out after a lid open event. It is sometimes quicker and if the lid was not off for too long, the fire doesn't build back too strongly. It then seems to take a while to build back the set temp. But you are often within 20-30F of set temp during this time, so your cook is not greatly affected. The main point, it is there to stop unwanted temp spikes. If you see the temp levelling out much lower, just go in and disable lid open mode. There are lots of DIY options, from Raspberry PI, Arduino etc to dedicated PID controllers (Google the 'hoare blower' for an example). There were two features of Smartfire that stood out for me. 1) It is powered from a standard USB battery pack. I have no mains near my kit and do not want an extension lead outside with british weather. 2) The Smartfire connects to your home wifi and then is controlled and stores results in the cloud. Your app or web browser talks to the cloud rather than the device itself. This means you can go out and do things. As long as you have mobile data or a wifi signal where you are, you can monitor, get alerts and adjust things remotely. Worth remembering, Macs BBQ are members here and provide a 10% discount code for us to use. Cheers, Phil.
  7. Hi Sargan, Although the original review was by @Smokin Monkey, there are a number of Smartfire owners on the forum now. If you don't mind, i can answer some of your questions. The Smartfire official adaptor doesn't have the bayonet pins. I personally have always found that the unit fits snuggly enough into the adaptor and have never worried that it might slip out. It modulates. Anything from 0% to 100% speed. Open lid mode is enabled by default and is a good idea in most cases. It can be disabled permanently, made less or more sensitive. If you use the web app rather than a mobile app, you can also temporarily disable it during a cook. This functionality is being worked on currently for the mobile apps. The app has been upgraded regularly and the Smartfire developers are very responsive to issues raised. They are very publicly available and engage well with the users via a Facebook group. If you are considering a Smartfire, there are plenty of us around that can share our experiences. Thanks, Phil.
  8. Thanks. No way a master. But now I have had enough practice of all the techniques, I can't start playing around some. IE mixing my own flavoured cures. 👍 Phil.
  9. So I have sliced two of these three pieces today. Once we have distributed what we are gifting, I was left with 6 slices and the end pieces. This is just one of them sliced up. No 5 on my slicer so its good and thick. 6 rashers come to approx 250-275 grams. Obviously, I have had to do some quality control checking. It is amazing. The smoke smells stronger uncooked, but once cooked it is nice and light, allowing the Christmas flavour through. This is how i want all my bacon to taste now. 😜 Merry Christmas, Phil.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone. May your charcoal burn clean and smoke be light. Phil
  11. I tried one of these a few years back and only ever got 2 out of it lol I hope you have better luck. Phil.
  12. I was working away in Birmingham again this week, and got back last night. My better half had removed the Angus and Oink Christmas cured bacon from the vac pacs, rinsed and dried off. Placed in the fridge overnight for the pellicle to form. So it was perfectly ready to smoke. At 10pm last night, i put it on with Applewood dust. A single layer of the Pro Q was a bit full. I did actually rearrange after this picture was taken so that the pieces were not touching. This was originally a single piece of loin. This morning at 7am, the smoke generator had just a small amount of sawdust left. My estimation based on the first test cook was perfect. It is now all vac pac'd again and waiting for 2 of these to be sliced on Christmas Eve. Most will be given to family and friends. The last slab i will leave vac'd in the fridge for January/Feb consumption. The kitchen smells like a smoky Christmas already and i haven't even cooked any yet! In the New Year, i am going to play with flavouring my own cures. As lovely as this A&O one is, i don't see why i can't do just as well. Thanks, Phil.
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