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  1. Yes, it would be reassuring. I didn't get an email, bit the post did say mid week so I guess they are on schedule. I will plug mine in when I get home on Thursday. Phil.
  2. @sotv Remembered seeing something... https://www.facebook.com/smartfirebbq/posts/2322229451375102 Phil
  3. Hi @sotv I haven't had a firmware upgrade yet. I know one is going to be released in the next few weeks. If you are pulsing slowly cyan, you are all good. Phil.
  4. Tori indicated the following :- I think we can get a decent event sorted. Lamb and Beef are obviously their own animals, with good Pork and Chicken bought in. Not much that couldn't be covered! Phil.
  5. Interestingly, its the same App as used by Inkbirds but under a different name. How long do the AAA's last? Phil.
  6. Love to see pizzas that don't have 17 toppings! 👍
  7. I love beef ribs and they look great. Some people prefer single ribs or cut into twos as this allows more rub due the greater surface area. It's all personal preference. Phil.
  8. Hi Chris, You are in the right place! Lots of advice on here about kit, meat, recipes and oh loads stuff...go have a wander through the topics! Phil.
  9. Thanks Steve, She did email last night. No need to be mortified about it. Hopefully we can sort out something that interests a few folk. 6 is the number normally needed for the beef course and I think Tori would be open to tailoring sessions too. Thanks, Phil.
  10. Ah, grand. To be fair, it doesn't matter who starts the conversation with them, and tries to herd the cats here. 😹 I was just happy to try and take the lead on something and help out some. Phil.
  11. My mate has a flat next to the Hardinge Arms that he only uses in the week. My accommodation is sorted Phil.
  12. We better get brushing up on Lamb and Beef recipes then
  13. Did you broach the subject of camping/cooking there? I saw a picture of the farm shop and it did look well presented. Phil.
  14. I am gutted i missed this. (We did have a great time in York however. Ask me about the lamb pie sometime) It looks like it was worth the £20 just for dinner! I have asked Tori to send me details of the Beef butchery course twice now, but have had no response. I was thinking that if there were a number of us interested, it might help them out in setting a date. (Might have achieved minimum number just with us rogues) What was the farm shop like? Did anyone take a peek? Phil.
  15. Phlashster


    I am already away for the August one, but *might* be able to sneak along to the July one depending on a few things. I will see what i can do to beg/blag/organise/arrange for that. I assume day visitors would be OK for Billing? Phil.
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