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  1. That looks great! How was it to cook on? What are those supports you are using? Phil.
  2. Put the pivot point at the front. That helps. Once you get a few smokes into it, it gunks up a bit and is less free moving. Others have drilled out the rivet and replaced with a nut and bolt. Phil.
  3. From what i have seen, Mark and the team are very proactive when issues arise and can usually get a fix out fairly quickly. Good to see.
  4. Welcome Dendrobatty! Phil.
  5. I don't have a properly designed cover for mine at the moment. I have been using a re-usable garden waste bag (polythene woven) which the legs stand on to keep it pinned down. I need to get something more permanent sorted though but I am thinking of a sheltered, roofed area for the kit longer term. Phil.
  6. https://www.homebase.co.uk/terracotta-plant-pot-saucer-23cm_p843163 9.05 inch. £2.80. (Weirdly more than twice the price of a larger one!) Phil.
  7. Just to add, this is the size of terracotta saucer for my unit. Just £1.30. Got to be worth a go. https://www.homebase.co.uk/terracotta-plant-pot-saucer-25-5cm_p874995 Phil.
  8. Phlashster

    Hi all

    Hi Stringman.
  9. Hi Onetrack, Welcome! I don't have a Lidl mini, but i do have a La Hacienda small unit. It comes with a ceramic deflector that sits under the grate but I am looking at doing something different that will allow a drip tray. My main comment is, do you need stainless steel? Mild steel is used for planchas and the the food is in direct contact with those. So surely a mild steel disc would be enough and somewhat cheaper. Albeit not rust resistant. Maybe useful for a prototype? I have seen others use a terracotta plant saucer and some steel straps to achieve this too. This is my current thinking. Covered in foil, this would act as a mini drip tray and be easy for cleanup. Phil.
  10. Phlashster

    Lamb chops

    Yeah, probably just economics. Shame though, It was eating Greek lamb that got me eating lamb again. Phil.
  11. Phlashster

    Lamb chops

    I have just come back from Zante. Not as much lamb offered there it seemed. I recall Kos being more lamb biased. But that was 18 years ago! Perhaps pandering to tourism more these days. Certainly more Gyros than anything! Phil.
  12. I take it you are enjoying it Hudd! 🤣 Just out of interest, what have you been using before this? Phil.
  13. Easier to catch temps on the way up than try and get back down for sure. Not as forgiving as some other smokers that way. I did a couple of reverse sear sirloins tonight. Seasoned only with salt. Smoked at 110C until 49C internal. Then removed to rest, while the kamado went nuclear with all vents fully open, then back on for 2 mins per side to sear and bring up to medium rare. Perfectly cooked. Beautifully evenly coloured and juicy. My wife is now approving of the investments made this year and we have started talking about some kind of shelter to extend our cooking possibilities. 😀 Phil.
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