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Work in progress... the outdoor kitchen!

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Hello all,

Thought I share what I've been up to recently as I know you all like pictures. Sadly since getting the AK it's been a little underused whilst my spare time has been consumed down the end of the garden. I was going to write a blog but, well, time pressed on and I never got around to it. So here's an update and I'll add to as it progresses. I've used a combination of new and reclaimed/old materials in the build and it's approx 3.4m x 3m. There's still a way to go, the right hand side needs some head scratching but that will house the kamado, a sunken pit for kebabs and a butlers sink to act as a beer/wine cooler.  But it all serviceable now so the Project Director is happy - phew.  As you can see she's added her finishing touches following a recent ram raid at TK Maxx. It's been a great experience and I've learnt a whole lot of stuff along the way, such as: brickwork is really hard, mortar is the last think you want to mix up when you get in from work, a tape measure has markers for 16" centres (don't roll your eyes),  I now know what a centre is (I'm a metric millennial) and materials over 2.4m long aren't readily available at your local DIY store so plan ahead. I actually got the inspiration for the structure and roofing off this forum so thanks to you lot too. Next up render and tiling after my holiday. The back needs a rest...








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21 hours ago, hoogl said:

That looks like it's going to be a cracker to use. I'm hoping to build something similar so I love looking at others ideas. My project Director Like your Project Directors choices. 😁

Got to keep the Director sweet!!

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Evening all,

Thought I’d post an update following a flurry of activity during my ‘week off’ last week. Finally got the worktop finished, varnished, tiling, rendered and painted. Very glad I rendered as I almost left the block work on show but it does look much better.

We’ve really enjoy the AK in it’s first year. Not done much low and slow, only a few beef ribs and lamb legs but we’ve really enjoyed the ease of start up, control and efficiency. Notice the use of ‘we’... my wife has really got into using the area now and we’ve enjoyed using the space a lot over lockdown (mainly pizza).

Given the great weather we’ve largely had over lockdown it’s great to think we have summer still to look forward to!! Happy grilling.


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Fantastic work Toucs!

Completely different looking space👍👍

We aint sure what to do with the bottom of our garden thats next to the shed (pretty much a mirror image to yours with the shed location). I think you may have decided what its to be used for😁 

Currently doing a countertop for my kamado...long winded since more important jobs keep getting in the way😩

Thanks for the inspiration😁😁👍

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Adam, spoiler alert: the todo list never finishes…. 😩

I’m glad it’s inspired, I had mates over last weekend and it’s just great having a space to cook, chill, chat and drink. I knocked out 9 pizzas too.

I’m glad I posted actually so I could see the original pics. I’ve misplaced most of the before shots. 

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Yes mate, I was going to use that space where it is as a wood fire you can see a very rusty grill hanging up about the AK. But I never got around to lining it with vermiculite so the small one fills the space well. Helpful when veggies turn up… (the justifications you dream up eh!) 

Ooni Koda 16 too, a birthday treat to replace a much used Uuni 2S.

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On 6/17/2022 at 10:18 AM, Toucs said:

Built a garden room and had some paving laid. Hopefully it inspires/helps…




this looks fantastic. How is the front end when it is raining? Does the rain/wind blow in? 

I've shown this to my Project Director to see if She'll approve me of something similar in the near future. 

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