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  1. Have put this on today for a 18 hour cook on the summit. Trimmed back as much of the fat on the point as I dared to get plenty of seasoning on for burnt ends and will slice the flat. Used a mix of Holy Cow and Gospel rubs.
  2. Turned out great thanks
  3. Turned out great thanks
  4. Out of interest, what did you go with?
  5. Spent a bit of time in Iceland working and have got to say the Lamb is exceptional.
  6. Not been on for while. Just thought I would post my intended cook for tomorrow. Had a Black Truffle delivered from Italy and have put it between the skin and the meat of a Label Anglais Special Reserve. Cooking on the Kamado tomorrow.
  7. £14:49 everywhere else that I’ve seen.
  8. Weber briquettes are £11.49 for 8kg at Go Outdoors.
  9. David

    Lamb Keema Curry

    Nice one, I like my keema and peas with Bombay potatoes. Mince and tatties Indian style.
  10. David


    I use ‘Raymond Blanc’ tongs. I have had the current pair for at least 6 years. I always look after Christmas for deals. They have been washed in the dishwasher probably 3 times a week and I have never had any issues with the working mechanism.
  11. I saw singles at about 4.5kg which I think was about £34, I did see a huge pack at 9kg and as Ice mentioned this must of been a double pack.
  12. David

    Char Sui Pork Belly

    Yes, it’s Shaoxing wine. You can use dry sherry as a replacement but I think it is just not quite the same.
  13. Went to my local Makro / Booker yesterday and noticed that they were selling full packers Briskets.
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