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  1. I get my meaty ribs from macro, I buy the chilled vacuum picked ones.
  2. David

    BBQ GURU Cyber Q Butt

    Have just been out to see how much charcoal I burnt during the 12+ hour cook. I am amazed how little it has used ( it was about 9kg to fill the base) Also noted that I only really burnt one chunk of wood fully - still learning with every cook.
  3. David

    BBQ GURU Cyber Q Butt

    Yeah, sorry for the lack of pics, I got into the wine!! Scapula bone came out nice and clean.
  4. David

    BBQ GURU Cyber Q Butt

    Haha, you’re right. The butt took 12 hours and a bit, but I must say I am so impressed with the GURU, I struggled to trust it at first and just stared at the iPad doubting its performance but managed to drift off at about 02:30. I have attached the cook below, the dips are when I put the butt in, when I spritzed with cherry juice and then when I took out. I set the cook target temp at 112 C. Lucky for us my friend brought some wine. We had the white with the Tandoori chicken and the red with the butt. }
  5. David

    BBQ GURU Cyber Q Butt

    I’m doing my first over night smoke tonight using the Guru. Injected the butt with cherry juice and Comos Q Pork injection, rubbed with Holy Gospel rub and smoking with pecan and apple wood. I’ve got the Sommelier and one of the chefs from my local Michelin Starred restaurant coming over for lunch tomorrow so fingers crossed.
  6. So my wife kindly assisted me with cooking pizza on the summit last week. I asked her if she could kindly put the hot pizza stone down somewhere whilst I put the wood in. I now know where she put it haha.
  7. David


    I have had a Victrinox boning knife and 12” steak. Cutting knife for over 29 years, have had them hollow ground twice and I still love them. Like Justin, I love my full set of Globals, I purchased my first one in 1999 and I still get an amazing edge to it using a wet stone and ceramic sharpener.
  8. David

    What Smoker Next?

    Well, finally got round to ordering the BBQ Guru CyberQ, should be here Tuesday. As we normally eat BBQ at lunch time I maybe able to get some sleep in the future with overnight smokes.
  9. I’ve had the Summit for 2 years now and to be honest there is little to complain about.
  10. Smoked a few chicken legs last weekend with peach wood. Rubbed with lemon and pepper and finished with white Alabama sauce (recipe below). Not quite sure if I like the sauce or not.
  11. Just kept it simple last night and cooked a couple of pizza on the summit using lump wood and very dry oak. Need to work on the dough recipe, has anyone got a fool proof recipe?
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