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  1. I could do vouchers but was thinking of an igrill2? Or similar
  2. I’m happy to donate something but would have to buy on Amazon and then get it delivered to someone’s address who is going as I can’t make it.
  3. Cheers, the onions took about an hour on the coals.
  4. David

    First brisket

    Looks good, I Remember my first brisket, I was up and down all night with it adjusting vents etc, but it is no easy task to get them bang on and everyone is a learning curve. Just think of all brisket chilli you could make.
  5. The pea viners are in the field behind me.
  6. For the onion gravy I first cooked some onion on coals. Then I cooled, peeled, sliced and cooked with some of the fat that was on top of my cold brisket liquor from yesterday. ( I also fry my onions for a brisket chilli this way) Coloured the sausage on the 57cm. Pre heated the dish with oil on the summit at 220 degrees C Placed the batter mix into the dish and placed the sausage on top Cooked indirectly on the Summit at 220 degrees c for about 20- 30 minutes. Served with the gravy
  7. David

    First Bacon Cure

    That’s a good idea, we don’t like strong smoke either.
  8. David

    First Bacon Cure

    Suggestion received cheers. I will cure a loin. I have already ordered my collar joint so will cure that also. Does 9 hours give a strong or mild smoke flavour?
  9. Also plant in blocks to aid with pollination. I also use to plant a variety that does better in cooler climates. I can’t remember the name but I’ll have a look in my seed drawer.
  10. I got given some sound advise from a vegetable technologist some years ago, sweet corn love warm soil, so I used to cover the top of the soil with black polythene liner and then plant the sweet corn plant through the liner. When we started doing is we used to get a minimum of 2 heads of corn per plant.
  11. David

    Brisket Burnt Ends

    Rubbed the brisket point with Honey Hog Jalapeño rub. Smoked over Pecan. Added beef consommé and sweet Baby Rays. Ate them with Balsamic onions and sliced pickled jalapeños and a beer or two!
  12. The ones I bought were very good and I could see them being hand pressed on site, no shrinkage, 20% fat declared.
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