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  1. £14:49 everywhere else that I’ve seen.
  2. Weber briquettes are £11.49 for 8kg at Go Outdoors.
  3. David

    Lamb Keema Curry

    Nice one, I like my keema and peas with Bombay potatoes. Mince and tatties Indian style.
  4. David


    I use ‘Raymond Blanc’ tongs. I have had the current pair for at least 6 years. I always look after Christmas for deals. They have been washed in the dishwasher probably 3 times a week and I have never had any issues with the working mechanism.
  5. Yep, point and flat.
  6. I saw singles at about 4.5kg which I think was about £34, I did see a huge pack at 9kg and as Ice mentioned this must of been a double pack.
  7. David

    Char Sui Pork Belly

    Yes, it’s Shaoxing wine. You can use dry sherry as a replacement but I think it is just not quite the same.
  8. Went to my local Makro / Booker yesterday and noticed that they were selling full packers Briskets.
  9. David

    Char Sui Pork Belly

    Received 1kg of salt aged Hampshire belly pork. Marinated for 48 hours with oyster sauce, 5 spice powder, honey, sugar, garlic, light and dark soy, Chinese cooking wine. ( the skin was kept dry). Pricked the rind with loads of holes (careful not to go too deep into the fat layer). Wrapped the meat area with foil leaving a lip of about 1cm above the rind and covered the rind with sea salt. Cooked on the Kamado until internal of about 90 degrees C. Removed heat deflector and got the coals hot, removed the salt and foil from the pork and cooked rind down over the coals.
  10. Latifs Inspired is a good channel on you tube.
  11. Hi, Usually the season runs from about March - June and is best picked before flowering. (after flowering the flavour is milder).It’s all finished here and died off but I suppose it could vary depending where you are in the uk. I would probably go with the garlic cloves and butter. Last time I had crab claws I was at the crab house cafe near Weymouth. I think I had spicy Chinese butter with them.
  12. Sorry for delay in response, I have had a few exams this week, this was pretty much off the cuff with no real monitoring of quantities, temps, times etc but I am doing again today so I will post with methods temps and quantities etc. What’s the betting it doesn’t turn out as good, it’s always a nice feeling when things turn out good ‘off the cuff’.
  13. Wife said she was peckish so I knocked up some crispy Buffalo wings on the old AK.
  14. Mixed minced beef and lamb with Sumac, black pepper, salt, Tumeric, fresh chopped parsley, 1 beaten egg, 1 & 1/4 onion ( minced and strained of liquid) & 3 garlic cloves. (I also added chilli powder to taste). Roasted some peppers and whole plum tomatoes. My wife kindly made some fresh flat breads. Cooked then topped the Koobideh with melted clarified butter and Sumac. Served with homemade Humus topped with olive oil. ( Hummus was eaten with the other flat breads as we pulled them off the tandoor)
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