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  1. Just doing a small pork shoulder smoked with cherry today. Is it too early for a beer?
  2. Brilliant thanks, I’m not on Facebook but I know someone who is. Do you have a name?
  3. Why is a chore like tidying the bbq shelter always more attractive that writing work audit reports? I was cold smoking some salmon in here the other night and when I came up late and turned the light on a bat flew out straight at me, should of heard me scream haha.
  4. I’ve been looking at this one. ive also been looking at equipment from Bristol Drum Smokers and using vent pipes rather than sliding vents etc but it is a lot more expensive. I’ve got the chance of a used port or red wine barrel.
  5. I needed the WiFi connectivity also as Bluetooth is a no go with the distance and my house walls are all twin brick. I do have iGrill2 also but I did struggle with connectivity. I’ve got WiFi and 240 volt in the bbq shelter so Guru works like a dream, I particularly like the open lid detection and ramp down function at the end of the cook.
  6. David

    Thai cured Salmon

    After curing I soaked the salmon in cold fresh water for a short period as it was far too salty for my taste and luckily I didn’t loose any of the Asian flavours. Cold smoked for one hour using grape vine dust. At first I though I had overpowered the flavours with the smoke but on taste you get the slight smokiness to begin with and then the Asian flavours come through.
  7. Yes I agree and I am very much hands on for a lot of my cooking. We normally eat our main meal at lunch time so I was smoking through the night and I was sitting up with the smoke all night through the colder months and I was neither use or ornament when the guests came around. Also my bbq shelter is approximately 120 feet from my house in the garden and the neighbours were frowning apron me walking up the gravel at 02:00 to adjust a vent. I wasn’t criticising the equipment and if it’s a thermostatic controller to monitor temperature that’s required then yep looks a good price.
  8. Welcome, loads of info on here and brilliant advice.
  9. I’ve watched the YouTube channel and it appears from the demo that the fan is either on or off, there does not appear to be any pulsing. Also there only appears to be one thermocouple, is this for ambient control only? Does it work on logarithm to manage the cook or does it just monitor and control ambient temp? I suppose it’s horses for courses and I looked for a long time for a controller and I wanted a system that managed the cooking process rather than just a temperature controller, as I was sitting up all night watching brisket cooks. With only an ambient temperature monitoring system I suppose you could still over cook. I was going to buy a pellet smoker at the time so the guru was a cheaper option and I am so impressed. The last 12 hour smoke I did I used about 1.5 kg of charcoal or maybe even less. I haven’t looked in detail so please correct me if I have underestimated this piece of kit.
  10. I’ve got the Guru cyberQ that I use with the Summit and to be honest I cannot fault it whatsoever. I know it is expensive but I know that I would have no hesitation to put a smoke on in the morning, go to work for twelve hours and it will manage the cook.
  11. Will a UDS kit be compatible with a wine barrel?
  12. I’m coming through for the day but I am thinking of cooking a couple of trays of brownies on the Summit and bringing them through for you boys?
  13. David

    Thai cured Salmon

    Started by making the cure. in a blender I added: 2 stalks of Lemon grass 3 fresh Kafir Lime Leaves (sliced) 125g Palm Sugar 150g Sea salt Flakes Juice of 1 lime 1 clove of garlic (crushed) 1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar small piece of fresh peeled ginger root (diced) Mixed and then added to bottom and top of salmon then covered top with cling film. . I’m thinking of lightly smoking with Ceylon tea once cured.
  14. Guess who just walked out of his shed into the wind with a loaded ProQ cold smoker and got face, mouth and eyes full of apple wood dust!!
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