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Cumberland Ring Toad in the Hole on the Summit


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For the onion gravy I first cooked some onion on coals.


Then I cooled, peeled, sliced and cooked with some of the fat that was on top of my cold brisket liquor from yesterday. ( I also fry my onions for a brisket chilli this way)


Coloured the sausage on the 57cm.


Pre heated the dish with oil on the summit at 220 degrees C


Placed the batter mix into the dish and placed the sausage on top


Cooked indirectly on the Summit at 220 degrees c for about 20- 30 minutes.


Served with the gravy


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6 minutes ago, sotv said:

Never been a fan of toad in the hole (school dinners I think) but that does look amazing. Like the onion cooking method, how long do you sit them in the coals for, to cook?

Cheers, the onions took about an hour on the coals.

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