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Rolled lamb shoulder kebab


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I started the process today for attempting a lamb shoulder kebab for the first time.

Bought a whole lamb shoulder and removed the scapula and leg bone and trimmed up any excessive fat deposits.



Scored the meat but not all the way through and pounded.




Made a marinade of 1tbsp of raw Papaya paste, quarter cup of vinegar, half a cup of natural yoghurt, 1tbsp,of ground white pepper, 1tbsp of ginger paste, 2tsp of garlic paste, quarter cup of oil and covered both sides of the lamb.



Looking to stuff with 1 cup of ricotta, 4 green chillis, 1 minced onion, quarter of a cup of corn flour, 1 egg, salt and half a teaspoon of Elaichi Jaiphal masala (1tsp of green cardamom seeds, seeds from 1 black cardamom, 1tsp of grated nutmeg, 1tbsp of mace & 1tbsp of black peppercorns - blitzed in spice grinder)




Going to to attempt to stuff and roll tomorrow and will either cook on rotisserie or indirectly on a roast rack. - Fingers crossed!!


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So, I stuffed and rolled the lamb. I had to put the stuffing in the freezer for a period so it could be shaped.



Cooked indirectly and lightly smoked with the garlic and ginger smoke dust. Started on high temp and then reduced heat and foil wrapped.


Served on a bed of mushroom biriyani


There were positives and negatives - 

Positives - the lamb was very tender and had excellent flavour and I managed to achieve an ambient temperature of  234 Degrees C in the summit when it was 8 Degrees C outside.



Negatives - The stuffing melted and dispersed.I will probably change the cheese next time, maybe to a feta or a paneer.



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