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  1. There are different reasons. Wouldn't jump to conclusions. I can say for myself that sometimes I don't answer some questions because I'm really lazy (see my avatar) and think someone else will answer anyway. Or sometimes I'm really busy. or unsure. or lazy. or I'm too shy to answer. Or I forget to answer. Or I'm just too lazy. Oh a squirrel
  2. I really wanted to go for a stick burner (because its "the real BBQ"), but to be honest I don't want to play kindergarten teacher the whole day. As long as it is ribs I'm happy with a kettle or the kamado. But now as I started longer smokes... idk. Today was an eye opener. Might invest in a smokefire or in a Masterbuilt
  3. Yeah, wind is annoying at the moment. Really hard to keep the temp in the Kamado. Alarm goes of every half hour. Mine PP will hit the stall soon, will wrap it and finish it in the oven.
  4. Greek soldiers mourning at the memorial of the fallen Gyros (Athens, 2020) Garam massalla? You can hear the Gyros rotating in its grave 😂 OK I'm not from the gyros police. It looks awesome, and I'm sure it tasted fantastic, so thumbs up.
  5. Same here. I light the Kamado with the torch.
  6. Today I tried Bavette from Campbells and it is my favourite so far. Cheap as chips and really nice. Big 👍
  7. Please keep us (me) posted. I'm rea;;y interested in every bit. Cheers ---------------------- All good things start with b: bbq, biking, beer, beach, beaches... My blog: smoking ring of fire
  8. Okay, I mainly ordered Hanger Steak to get free delivery. Hanger steaks, or "the butchers secret" woohoooooo. I expected something nice and watched youtube videos on how to prepare them (pitmaster x and so). Okay, first how to trim them. Nope, no trim... the steaks are just cut down in squares by the meat provider. So in the middle of the steak is silver skin. Could be worse, could be a bone... Wrong! A bone is much better than silver skin. But okay, it's the butcher's secret... innit? Let's get through it shall we? I smoked it 160C with oak to 50C internal temp on the Kamado, then removed the steaks from the cooker and heated up the Flower Pot (Kamado) to 300C. At the end I seared off the steaks with a nice crust. [No picture 1] [No picture 2] Don't know why this bis so hyped. Yeah, it tasted nice... okay. Nope not awesome, delicious, superior, the best steak I ever head. It was okay. The price is not cheap enough to not buy a proper rump, t-bone, or (my favourite) rib eye steak.
  9. TrulySNAFU

    Jacob’s ladder

    The last four cooks O made with Ocado short ribs. The were nice, except of the uniformity. The next will be from Hook'n'Block or from Campbells.
  10. TrulySNAFU

    Jacob’s ladder

    If the daughter approves you've done them right! I ordered now from two online butchers. The problem with the supermarket produce is that you always get a big and a small one because the package weight is more important than the quality...
  11. TrulySNAFU

    Jacob’s ladder

    I had a few times some supermarket short ribs on the kettle, but below 100C they were all a bit chewy. So I wonder how your cook came out with 95C?
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