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  1. The Kamado is in real good condition, but has the usual Kamado stuff: typical cracks in the glaze the wood might need some TLC Positive points comes with the original cover the charcoal basket has no cracks it comess with the "divide and conquer" grill the deflector is still in one piece The Kamado is asambled but can be transported in two parts. I still have the cardboard base with the whole for the egg. CoC £250.- ONO
  2. I don't trust this guy anymore. Maybe a few drops LSD is the key? My favourite steak is Bavette at the moment. High heat no fuss and has a lot of taste.
  3. Smoked Mushroom Ravioli wrapped in bacon and smoked Dates with chilli wrapped in bacon
  4. There are different reasons. Wouldn't jump to conclusions. I can say for myself that sometimes I don't answer some questions because I'm really lazy (see my avatar) and think someone else will answer anyway. Or sometimes I'm really busy. or unsure. or lazy. or I'm too shy to answer. Or I forget to answer. Or I'm just too lazy. Oh a squirrel
  5. I really wanted to go for a stick burner (because its "the real BBQ"), but to be honest I don't want to play kindergarten teacher the whole day. As long as it is ribs I'm happy with a kettle or the kamado. But now as I started longer smokes... idk. Today was an eye opener. Might invest in a smokefire or in a Masterbuilt
  6. Yeah, wind is annoying at the moment. Really hard to keep the temp in the Kamado. Alarm goes of every half hour. Mine PP will hit the stall soon, will wrap it and finish it in the oven.
  7. Greek soldiers mourning at the memorial of the fallen Gyros (Athens, 2020) Garam massalla? You can hear the Gyros rotating in its grave 😂 OK I'm not from the gyros police. It looks awesome, and I'm sure it tasted fantastic, so thumbs up.
  8. Same here. I light the Kamado with the torch.
  9. Today I tried Bavette from Campbells and it is my favourite so far. Cheap as chips and really nice. Big 👍
  10. Please keep us (me) posted. I'm rea;;y interested in every bit. Cheers ---------------------- All good things start with b: bbq, biking, beer, beach, beaches... My blog: smoking ring of fire
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