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  1. That's terrific service. Just wanted to check you're in the UK and not the USA as I purchased a Louisiana egg from Costco last year and to know they provide that sort of service on an item that could crack at anytime for any number of reasons is good peace of mind.... 👌
  2. Really satisfied Adam. These pics are from last year shortly after chatting with yourself. I have not cleared the gazebo (purchased especially to house it so it is protected and can be used all year round) yet, so I hope I have not jinx anything here, as I had a lot of building work going on and the gazebo was gradually filled with various materials.... I hope to have it uncovered in the next few days and 'prey' nothing has knocked it's shell 😵 👌
  3. I never got around to uploading and reviewing the offer from Costco last year. It arrived via their 'White Glove' courier service that utilises a courier that deals with delicate goods. Was very happy when I realised it was a better 'spec' than that advertised, as it had the magnetic front catch which was a bonus and the HD triple sprung hinge box! The hinge box at the rear is super 'HD' and holds the heavy lid at any position I put it at which is really pleasing. I did a couple of mods. I did the felt mod around the vent which was fairly loose out of the box and this made it lovely and snug and therefore airtight. With all the eggs out there, I am guessing we all hope that they will be as airtight as possible and this egg is better than I could have hoped for. I did the paper test around every inch of the lid on to base and it gripped the paper superbly. I also added felt around the bottom vent, but it has made that a little too stiff to easily open and close to the desired gap for temperature control and hope with use this summer will slide a little easier once it gets more use. As a first time egg owner, I had no idea how enjoyable and more importantly, - 'controllable' these are. I thought I would struggle to get to and maintain temperatures. So extremely amazed how accurately I can hit a temperature and maintain it. If costco's get this model in again this year, then I will say it is a far more affordable quality big egg for anyone looking to take the plunge. Came with a cover too!
  4. Hi Kevin, Welcome! I look forward to reading some of your cooking skills. All the best from Hamphire, UK 👍
  5. I have decided that it is wise to follow a few people that seem to be active and get 'notifications' when they post as then I'll catch 'welcome' messages to others which has already happened here. I would not have necessarily noticed if I had that notification that someone I was following had welcomed someone else... Anyway... enough of this... It's off my chest... Cheers all 👍
  6. Yes and thank you. I think you was the 1st or possibly 2nd person to reach out and welcome me... It makes all the difference.... I just feel no reason to go back to the Kamado Guru forum if no one will engage at all, which is silly if there's more and varied info to be gained... Just would have been good to have had just a little acknowledgement! 🤣 Had to check I had put on my deodorant by day 4.....
  7. Yes I understand that will be true for many (including myself no doubt), but why have a kinda 'rule' and try to push everyone to the 'introduction page' if no one bothers to say hello back at you?
  8. I joined the Kamado Guru forum at the same time that I joined this forum a week or so ago, - as both sites had some good information on the BBQ I was looking into... The first thing we are all asked to do, is to go the the 'New members forum', or the 'Roll Call' link for new members, - where we are encouraged to introduce ourselves before we do anything else. i was just curious whether anyone else found themselves signing up to the Kamado Guru forum too? I ask, because whilst I have no problem having only a few replies to a post, or perhaps even worse, if things I post are frowned upon, but since joining that forum and introducing myself and then going on to ask some of the same questions I have on here, I have had not one 'welcome message reply', or reply to my other posts.... This is no way to accept a new member surely? They can't all be too busy? I can only say thank you to all of you here that have taken the time and effort to reply to my posts..... Would welcome any info. as to why that forum seems a bit 'cold' if you are on it..... I am not trying to put another forum down btw, but it is just disheartening when you are new to a hobby and no one takes the slightest bit of notice of you...
  9. For me I prefer a quick turnover on a regular basis....
  10. Doesn't surprise me about price increase... As soon as anyone plugs a good deal, the company gets a good influx and can change little pricing aspects... 👍
  11. I do feel bad about questioning whether this was a bonafide site now.. I wish they could get themselves set up with a 'secured' site... Those big chunks look the business 👌👍 Was there a shipping charge or all inclusive?
  12. Got great colour on that Adam... Was it really soft?
  13. You're not wrong lol... I am loosing days atm watching and looking up recommendations etc etc... It's all so addictive for me as a newbie!
  14. That does look terrific! What's on the agenda for the first cook?
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