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  1. I might do something similar
  2. Now thats a good idea, i like the idea of the angle too, but 30deg? Thats an awfull lot? I thought 5 maybe 10? I thought the same regarding the baffle plates after my ribs test i did monday, cheep rack if ribs 1.99ish layed them the length to gauge heat across the grates. Ive now blocked the sides of the first plate as i as i was loosing all the heat at the start and burning the ribs at that end . Gotta get it right as smoking a brisket Saturday 😫
  3. Ok so the mods helped and hindered, Helped:- ash/charcoal basket 👍 Baffles :- need a little mod, ill explain more once mod done🤞
  4. I will do a small review, im a lot dislexic so lots of pics and not much spelling or punctuation 👍 Will be here tomoz, ribs and chicken today tho testing out the cheap smoker mods 👍👍
  5. I built a deflector out of a peice of alloy sheet, just hung it over the handle about 2inches /50mm away from the vent, it helped a huge amount
  6. Thank you, and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome Colin
  7. Ok i have a basic meat thermometer, and the one in the lid that lies to me continuosly, so i thought i would look foe something better, or at least an improvement. I found a Nobebird on the bay, new , bidding but no one bid its starting price was 2.99 plus postage 3.50 it ended at midnight ish and i would be long in the land od nod by then , so i bid a max bid of 20 of my finest English pounds and won it for £20 ish inc the postage. Has anyone got one, what are they like? Any reviews, did i get a deal or get shafted? Let me know Colin
  8. Silicone wise i used this, havent had any issues https://www.glowing-embers.co.uk/flue-accessories-high-temperature-sealants/VitcasHeatResistantSilicone?m1track=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoub3BRC6ARIsABGhnyaRHMBwayy6lsDdEsCLk17FRi-mG7RawUrN9Hd4cf4xq-2o2PsvYNAaAhgqEALw_wcB#RoyalMailExport&source=googlepaid&campaignid=243331116&adgroupid=56340273981&keywordid=pla-680741669404&locationid=1006603&matchtype=&network=g&device=m&devicemodel=&adid=296181490542&keyword=&productid={productid}&campaigntype=&adposition= Baffles / tuning plates i made my own out of stainless, wont be able to give results until Wednesday, as not using until then. Ive gapped them i havent hole stamped them that way i can work out how they will work. Clamps ive ordered from https://www.goodhanduk.co.uk/Catalogue/Toggle-Clamps I will let you know how they work out. Colin
  9. Colin39

    Adjustable latch

    https://www.goodhanduk.co.uk/Catalogue/Toggle-Clamps Someone or something like this?
  10. Ok so ive only had it 3 days, ive sealed all the holes, welds , sides smoke box and fire box lids fire box to smoke box........ I kept loosing temperature and discovered ash blocking the fire box, so ive raised the grate for airflow, made a charcoal fire box cut some stainless tuning plates and baffle board (found these for the oklahoma smoker) and copied. Lets see if these modifications help or hinder 🤞👍 Colin
  11. Missed this ggrrrrr. I have a welding shop at workshop, i have a plan
  12. Not as many as id liked , rude to talk with my mouth full 🤣😅🤣😅
  13. Hi im new here, i live on sunny canvey, spend 1month at a time in Florida doing the rounds of tailgating and food festivals. Loved the idea of smoking love bbq , so thought i would have a go. Started with chicken , it was a win with the family, doing pulled pork today 👍 Colin
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