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  1. Road map if all goes well out of lock down that National may be possible and Northern tailgate almost certain. Yes?
  2. I think the principle is the same as for brisket sousvide. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/08/sous-vide-barbecue-smoked-bbq-brisket-texas-recipe.html
  3. You could get a "tip top temp" pro smoke have write ups and review so of this. You fit that to top vent.and close any bottom vents...air temp outside is not an issue, people around the world do same in some very in-climate places with lower air temp that that. It will be airflow .
  4. I might as well get this i before the nut smoking master @Wade gets here! There is the weber recipe I did summer 2018 tailgate. Hot smoked on kettle 1 tsp soft light brown sugar 1 tsp cumin seeds. Ground in matter and pestle or mill in grinder. 1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper 500g salted nuts mixed nuts or peanuts 2 tsp ground but oil. Use kettle BBQ. 180-230degs c. Mix sugar, cumin, and cayenne pepper in foil tray. Add nuts and stir. Add oil. And toss mixture Add hickory chips to charcoal I use soaked chips) and smoke indirect heat for about 20 mins. Be attentive. A shade or two darker is enough. When they'll try will crisp up. Make sure nuts are in single layer. Serve at room temp. Store in airtight container I like wades idea of smoked salt. If nuts are bought unsalted like they sell in Lidl then maybe try this.
  5. Glad you found that helpful. I have a weber recipe i use for hickory spiced smoked mixed nuts I use.
  6. Oh I have so many good memories and am still happy now, look for the good everyday. Work and homebrew is keeping me busy, czech pilsner and dogbolter kegged and cold conditioning at the moment, empty fermenters to be filled soon, Exe Valley Spring Beer going on this weekend or next to condition for march drinking. Pilsner is for a interclub competition too. Dude keep busty plenty going on that is happy. Considering what to put in 2nd fermenter presently... maybe a neipa. Oh and February is traditional kebabs time to kick things off. have the last pack of the smoked salmon in the fridge form when I cold smoked two sides last year before Christmas. Thanks for the name check, yes that was good day. Shame Anglia and South East tailgate is highly unlikely but I am holding out for one tailgate at least this yer to bring things back again. Also holding out for the Quiet Farms Judging course in Devon September but who knows, what ever happens I will find good things to experience and do. Finally I am lending some cash on lendwithcare, and those that are borrowing are paying back already which enables me to lend that to more. It is good way of sharing.
  7. Exactly what i do on pork chops for instance when I sous vide them. I put them in the skillet and blow torch the fat cap for a min. comes out lively tender tasty pork
  8. Re compressing dust I just tap it lightly with my finger. I use pro q maze. No need to push it right down, it will easy last 12 hours maybe longer. Simple to use
  9. Bar Keepers Friend is marvellous at cleaning off grease and all sorts of things on metal and glass mate. I use it to clean my mash boil beer kit and also the log fire stove door window and baking trays saucepans sink, bbq grate and so forth etc, all comes up gleaming. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bar-Keepers-Friend-Surface-Household/dp/B00BLKGJ2G
  10. Fingers crossed this come so off this year, i think so, it will be ever so popular.
  11. Looks good. Metal version of my Proq eco cold smoker (cardboard) albeit bigger. I also use non stick mesh in mine, leaves a nice chequered imprint and very useful for cheese, salmon etc
  12. Like this though this photo is missing the foil tray under the meat
  13. I put the briquettes in charcoal baskets either side of the kettle then a foil tray underneath the rotating meat to catch the dropping fat. It is indirect bbq not direct for rotisserie. Lid on .
  14. great for lots of kebabs on rotisserie
  15. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Onlyfire-Grill-Rotisserie-hexagon-square/dp/B06X6JVRX7/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Napoleon-64007-Rotisserie-Shish-Kebab&qid=1610451991&sr=8-2
  16. Napoleon-64007-Rotisserie-Shish-Kebab
  17. Shish kebab attachment for rotisserie, its a winner
  18. Weber kettle and rotisserie collar etc, I have that, it is very good for rotisserie, but an investment. Mine has lasted many many years. I replaced the motor and replaced the prongs to hold meat with some four pronged ones that is all. I also have a basket attachment and a shish kebab rotator that all fits too. I use weber briquettes or aussie large lumpwood.
  19. I was just about to post on this, The Anglia and Southeast one looks impossible presently, the rest i think we will have to see.
  20. Drinking: Bottles/Keg Conditioning: Racked Secondary: Fermenting: Planning: Next brew Day: Raspberry and Lime Mangroves Jack kit cider (Keg and Growler) Hobgoblin Bitter clone (Bottle) Raspberry and Cranberry Turbo Cider (Bottle) ACB Christmas swap beers (Bottle) Dogbolter clone Shadow of the Beast clone Short and Shoddy Mild mk II Spring Beer SMASH Cascade DoppleBock to lay down for a year . Czech Pilsner (ACB v WORCs Competition beer) on 8th January
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