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Forum members in the East Anglia to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  3. Humphries at Ranks green near Braintree often have a great hardwood charcoal in stock if you go there, it is abattoir farm shop but they often have the purple bags, i use that, it is great
  4. Hello everyone, Dan here new to the group. Looking for good hardwood charcoal, UK made, stockists or suppliers, within 5-10 miles of sudbury, suffolk, if anyone has any thoughts. thanks
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  6. I was looking for 10Kgs or more. Will be making Bradley Pucks. Ele.
  7. You can bulk purchase if you need lots. How much are you trying to get?
  8. Justin, Good point, I hadn't thought about MDF. I suppose that a tree surgeon might be a better option. But then seasoning it and turning it into sawdust will take time and effort. Buying small bags is really expensive too. I will keep searching. But if anyone hears anything, then please let me know. Ele.
  9. I would be careful about sourcing anywhere not reputable. Especially furniture makers etc as if there is any mdf etc dust in will make you food taste awful.
  10. I'm looking for a good supplier of 100% Oak sawdust, if you come across a supplier. Ele.
  11. Yes but stay close and monitor if you do.
  12. I tend to check out the garden centres mate particularly late autumn early winter when they clear out there warehouses bbq deals can be amazing. Good time to stock up on fuel for the year. I use weber briquettes. they are about £14.99 for 8kg at the moment but i have got them as cheap as £6.99 in the past
  13. Cook for the IT of the pork joint, once you are happy with that crank he heat up to get the crackling, keep and eye on It as it will turn from crackling to burnt in seconds!
  14. Do not stress mate. Just aim for internal temp and monitor temp in smoker. You will be fine. Let us know how it goes
  15. Deep breath.... Gulp.... Could be 7 quid up in smoke.... Honestly I love the practice and seeing what comes out ... Appreciate the support!
  16. Good luck. I bow to the master of Belly Pork. @Smokin Monkey
  17. Using a cider apple and marjoram ? 4 small apples. Half bunch of marjoram to serve. For cider glaze 100g dark sugar 50ml cider vinegar 500ml dry cider. Brown 3 mins each side direct heat then in a tray or shallow pan indirect. Aoples also indirect Smoke of your choice right from start. Takes 3 hours or so at 170 to 175 degs c basting again on the hour. Take off at 75 degs c internal. Glaze and rest 20 mins. Serve with sprinkled leaves of marjoram and bbqed smoked apples. Just an idea...
  18. Found this at Morrisons in Cambourne..... Guess what's getting smoked this weekend 😁
  19. Hey all! Does anyone know of a good supplier of fuel (or anything else) close to Colchester? Would prefer to support smaller local businesses with everything going on at the moment so thought i'd try search one out Cheers!

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