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  1. I use Tom Hixson. Expensive but very good quality and you get USDA and Aussie meats etc...
  2. The smokefire ran beautifully, 2 hours smoke boost to start. the summit was rock solid and used hardly any fuel. I have been very impressed with its efficiency. I find the smokefire pretty good on fuel when going low but start pushing it to 180c and higher and it becomes very hungry. You can see the level in the hopper going down. Still 10-15 minutes to get Up to temp and ready to go is a major plus. both briskets had good smoke rings. Impressed with how much smoke flavour smoke boost added. Of course not as smokey as the summit but not far off. If it wanted a load of smoke flavour I would probably use the WSM anyway, it’s not as insulated so you get better air flow. im lucky enough to use my BBQ’s almost every day. Did a pasta bake on one the other day for the hell of it. had 3 running today at one stage as we had lamp rump as well for lunch so used the Weber go anywhere To sear the steaks. Love that thing for quick steaks with the grillgrates. I haven’t had a single static shock from mine.
  3. Did a brisket today with 2 hr smoke boost. Ran exactly how it should do. also ran a brisket on a summit charcoal as a side by side Test to see how they compare
  4. I am looking to buy a new BBQ and need to clear some space. Selling my beloved performer charcoal. they are currently £539 new. It’s in great condition, sear grate has been used once. Looking for £350. collection from Essex, near Leigh-on-Sea
  5. Really undecided on which Kamado. It’s summit (there is a third party that does a rotisserie so boxed ticked) or KJ big joe 3. before I found out about the rotisserie for the summit it was an easy choice but now.... does anyone have experience of both? thanks
  6. No idea. Where did you get it? id call Weber ASAP. They are normally really good at customer service
  7. It is so easy. Like having a gas grill for ease and adds better flavour. As I say 10 mins to roasting temp. I still use coal grills when I have more time to play around but I like it for ease. Think I will get rid of my gas BBQ as a result of having the smokefire. also the cooking programs are cool. Bit limited at the moment but you know they will add to them all the time.
  8. Fired it back up and all went well. yes once wrapped I go oven now as the pellets are costly. On the higher temp cooks it really eats them. Often costs more in pellets than the cut of meat you’re roasting lol. I noticed with the update it hit 190c in about 10 mins. Actually takes longer to get to low and slow, I guess because it doesn’t turbo there as hard. new app features are good though and nice it is coming up with the other grills out there.
  9. Oh dear first cook with the update and 30 mins into a chicken at 350f and it shuts down due to improper shutdown. Had to reset, shutdown and restart at least the app now makes a noise when it’s alerting you
  10. Haha I popped in and they have full stock so surprised. But I have never ordered from them. they now have Kamodo Joe's in so becoming a very good BBQ shop. Issue is they downsize the whole thing for Xmas stock so it’s a summer only BBQ place really. still nice to have on my doorstep
  11. Exciting updates. Remote controls etc... smoke boost is meant to cycle heat but I would have thought the residual BBQ heat would have reduced the temp variance to only 10c or so
  12. Ah good to know they are a 15 min drive from me. And I hope open this week so can pop down there
  13. I need to revisit the hickory. Have a bag left and it is 60% oak so will pair great with beef. Feeling short ribs this weekend. the master blend being hickory, apple, cherry is a bit fruitier and a better all rounder. pork was good, I normally set up coals either side and put a pan underneath for the fat with veg in so it roasts in the pork fat. With the heat coming from below the skin didn’t get the same radiation heat so I had to take it off and crisp up when the meat was resting. Still learning on it. But definitely won’t be binning the kettle or smoker any time soon as they offer something the pellet doesn’t. although I am eying Up a Kamado Joe big jo 3. I like the rotisserie and pizza accessories and it could replace a few of the others and free up some patio space, which will please the wife no end. Unless I move them out the way for a few nostalgic cooks 😂
  14. It is less smokey, I bought apple, hickory and grill master blend when I first got it but due to smoke but being too strong I now just use the grill master blend. I might use Apple for fish but everything else the grill master is great, and Olaf higher temps you obviously get even less smoke so roasting a whole chicken there is no point going for the apple. roasting a pork leg later, very excited. as an aside, whilst I enjoy the smokefire I am still using the kettle and WSM as I love playing with charcoal and wood and both give a better smoke flavour. But for working from home when I just need to set it and forget it during the day the smokefire is working out great.
  15. I like them a lot. Take a while to get going but they do last. Smell amazing as well, very Caribbean
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