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  1. Yes been watching all of his and he seems to like it. It seems the guys in the very cold climates are having more issues
  2. I went for the EX6. I have cancelled but am going to reorder once I’m happy with the reviews. As it happens the reviews are starting to get more positive, and Harry Soo did a big cook and loved it on the whole. I think I’ll end up rigging up a steeper ramp insert for the hopper
  3. Yes, I was hoping to be able to put on a brisket and a few shoulders and then ribs on the top. if the intent was to use drip trays it should have come with a big one that you remove for grilling. I’m sure they wanted people to not have to use them
  4. I thought the idea of the machine was that you didn’t need to use a pan if you didn’t mind the clean up? im still not overly impressed with the ash flying everywhere (that was supposed to be addressed), stuck pellets and the flame shooting more to the right for uneven cooking. I still have mine on order as I’ll keep watching the vids and wait to hear if Weber come out with a statement. I agree some just love to bash Weber, but there are some Weber fans who appear to be genuinely upset at the let down. I expect orders in the UK will start being filled mid March
  5. Ok so I have watched most if not all the you tube videos since it came out. And I have to say, very concerned. To the point I might ask if I can delay delivery if they will do that, in order for me to see more reviews. it looks like a badly designed piece of kit and even worse, highly prone to grease fires. So you can’t leave it overnight or unattended what is everyone else’s thoughts?
  6. James17

    Probe reading high

    I didn’t put it in any water, just wiped it with a cloth down the probe. Was trying to think of reasons for the error. will go down the warranty route
  7. I did look and they only price match (according to the website) on in stock items. This is a pre order so figured they wouldn’t bother
  8. James17

    Probe reading high

    Maybe. Need to get the receipt if possible as it was a gift at Christmas.
  9. James17

    Probe reading high

    So I just bought a thermoworks smoke. first use was great, but the second time the food probe was reading 20f higher than the pit probe and then during the cook was a bit erratic. is this a broken probe or did it maybe get too wet and I need to somehow bake it in the oven? it already went through a 9hr short rib cook and still reads 20f high. I did buy a spare and it is definitely the prob that is broken and not the base unit. thanks
  10. Taped mine. door and lid, makes a big difference. Did the kettle as well
  11. Can’t wait to see their review. I might get an extra probe. I have an igrill and thermoworks smoke anyway so might not be worth it. really interested to see the recipient etc.. with the new interface
  12. I read it was designed to work with all pellets. So I guess I’ll look at reviews. Probably go for the best value single wood ones (hickory, pecan etc...) and then reviews for blends to start with.
  13. Yep really short window to get it. I had to ring them to check it was on the smokefire as assumed it wouldn’t stretch to an unreleased item. amazing deal
  14. Happy New Year all
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