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  1. My smoke boost runs at 135f. Just doing beef ribs and good smoke out the back. been running like a dream for a few months now
  2. All sorted now running like a dream since it’s last rebuild
  3. That’s annoying. Since my new auger and new motherboard, controller it’s been running great. I did notice on freezing days getting to 600f took ages. But last few days it hit it in no time.
  4. Ok latest update. Weber sent replacement power board and controller. ive replaced it all and so far so good. All working again. 5th controller now though! Hopefully last one
  5. I went with a Kamodo Joe big joe 3 i have to say it’s amazing. I was lucky enough to have a Webber summit charcoal to use for a few months. Great piece of kit and with the new non gas starter one coming out at less money it’s a serious contender. but money aside the KJ is awesome. First time I did an overnight cook I had a remote probe with alarms set if temp drifted. Woke up in the morning in a panic thinking it had disconnected as the alarm hadn’t gone off and woken me. Went downstairs and it was almost the exact temp I left it. I didn’t get quite the same stability off the summit. KJ rotisserie turns out great food and has quickly become my favorite way of cooking. the summit has same (I think) grill size as big joe. But divide and conquer system is epic. Money not a consideration, get the KJ.
  6. The first time it was resetting to an old version and wouldn’t even light. Somehow the hardware was dragging the software back a few versions. I was on the phone to Weber in the US and they were baffled. Hence the whole new grill. did some Googling and looks like a power board issue. It was working fine a few days ago. Honestly it’s gutting because when it works it a breeze and turns out great food.
  7. So weber bless them sent me pellets to do a test burn. Turned grill on and after 10mins my phone flashed improper shutdown error. ive tried everything but the controller keeps flashing on and off and flickering. Has ruined a £30 rack of beef ribs. I am this close to asking for a full refund. I have had to replace 3 controllers, install the hopper insert. Then they replaced the whole grill. Then I had to replace the auger and now it’s broken again.
  8. That will certainly stop it reaching top temp. Thanks I’ll give it a clear out
  9. I might try that. I have the welded auger but it did put its self out a while ago. Pellets everywhere. maybe there is a blockage and it’s not able to feed enough. Been running great otherwise
  10. Anyone having issues getting to full temp in the colder weather?
  11. well I can say that the customer service (which I have used a bit) including on the international side where I have the US on the phone, has been very very good, no complaints on that side. Ive have numerous parts and even a whole new replacement BBQ. fingers crossed but it seems to all works wonderfully now. Enjoy the old BBQ, I have been making an effort to cycle through mine as I do love playing with fire!
  12. New auger for a month now I think. Runs perfect, no issues with smoke boost. on another note I pulled the trigger on a Kamado Joe 3 as sold my kettle and need charcoal in my life.... aside from my WSM lol
  13. I asked and got nowhere. But when I said it wouldn’t get up to full temp they shipped it straight out. One of the first replacement ones to go out. not easy to fit (over sized screws) so I gave them my feedback.
  14. Used mine in heavy rain and it stays plugged in all the time. No issues. I use it a few times a week as still try to use the others in my collection. I got the new welded auger and it’s been a dream since then. No issues at all. But when I replaced it the old one did Have a lot of sawdust in it. The new update limits the reverse of the auger at the end of a cook so this should be far less of an issue going forward. the best thing is the wife now uses it every week to do a roast chicken because it’s so easy. I have done a Christmas turkey on the WSM for the last few years but I might use the EX6 this year.
  15. Great because my phone is in Celsius and grill in Fahrenheit so they always are in different settings
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