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  1. And then hovers over a new victim.
  2. I honestly don't see the need for the balls! cling film or tin foil with a couple of tea towels over the top work and costs nothing. For wrapping the containers themselves for very long cooks? You know those screens you put in the front of the car to deflect the suns heat? Well cut to fit the container, they cost nowt and work great as an insulator. You don't need to spend vast amounts if you give things a little thought.?
  3. If you want the little balls check here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Locisne-Cooking-Drying-Cookers-Container/dp/B06XKWN3W1/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1536862268&sr=1-2-fkmr0&keywords=Sous+Vide+Water+Balls+250+Count+with+Drying+Bag+by+Wasserstein £14.99 or just wrap the top with cling film! As long as you don't cover the wand it will keep the heat in and you don't have to find another place for storing the balls! Remember how cling film reacts when placed over food in a microwave! Pretty good seal with no heat escaping until you lift it off, then you burn your fingers!!
  4. You can even use a sealer with ziplock bags as long as you use a straw or a small piece of a Vacuum sealer bag to assist in the removal of the air. In essence that straw or piece of sealer bag tricks the sealer into thinking you are using a proper bag!
  5. I use a Lidl special, £24 when I bought it. Does it have a roll holder? No. How big width wise? 28mm which creates a standard size and you then make the length as long as you need.. Does it have a cutter built in? No. But I do have a nice pair of scissors! I even double bag with these but thats just me, meat and fish is expensive so why take a chance on your investment?
  6. 18ltr is the normal size for a 2/4 family portions/people! Well unless they are very big eaters. 25ltr is best for party catering events.
  7. Bags, ziplock/freezer are good, Tesco ones are OK but if using for any longer than a couple of hours I would suggest doubling up or even trebling up for those longer cooks and for very long cooks only use vacuum sealer bags. Thin ziplock bags can melt/split at high temps ruining the food. Just a suggestion...
  8. I have to ask this question and I already know there is not going to be a definitive answer but here we go. Why are there so very many different suggested cooking times for meats when attempting to cook with SV? Fish products have pretty much fixed cooking/temp times on almost every website you care to check with which makes it very easy for the beginner but when it comes to any kind of meat the temp/time combination varies dramatically! I'm not referring to the thickness of the item because I understand that will vary from cut to cut, well unless you happen to be Heston Blumenthal! I've checked maybe ten sites for a definitive time/temp combination and almost every one gives varying temp/time numbers, some quite dramatic! It seems to be based entirely upon personal preference and or experience! Not what is needed for a beginner who may, very well, get it wrong and end up with a case of the, well least said soonest mended!! Explanations on something way bigger than a postcard please..
  9. One caveat for the use of any commercially available 'Liquid Smoke' would have to be do not use too much! A tiny amount goes a very very long way! eg three or four drops added to a medium roast or a full rack is plenty more than enough, well it has been in my experience! Others may not agree and tastes vary, wildly. Use to much and the meat can become bitter, just as if over smoked! Take great care would be my advice, for what its worth.?
  10. They were that yellow colour that those flat toffee's are wrapped in when you buy a tin of Quality Street at Christmas! You have no idea how bloody miffed I am that I walked away from the damn things? I may never get the chance at them ever again! Though with the number of pubs shutting down every week who knows?
  11. I hear Wades are very good, not seen them on Amazon yet but I'm sure they will make an appearance soon.?
  12. Oh borderline Essex, but assume the other side of the pipe or indeed possibly bridge!
  13. It was the 'did it fit the wade' I was confused with! As I have never met Wade I was wondering if he was a Leprechaun or something!? I've read all them Shakespeare books so have no issues with accents! I can even understand people in Dudley and the Black Country.? Now to answer your question, yes its the perfect size, 18ltr is great for four bodies or a couple of chickens or a fair size hunk of flat brisket. Will the lid fit the Wancle? Not sure about that as I still await delivery but if not it will by the time I'm done with it cocker....
  14. Can't believe I didn't research! They looked as if the plastic had gone brittle? How was I supposed to know? Oh well they've gone so get over it and move on.?
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