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  1. Hi Arian, These place you can buy a single item if you like as I have done, no need to buy meat you won't cook. Tom Hixson changes all the time so best to check every other day as they have a stall at the famous Smithfield market in London. I'll have to check the pipers farm link but you can also Google them and look at the rest of the meat they sell. As for fox holes they are a small local farm that have a on site shop and butchers. I probably should have mentioned with that one since lock down you have to call them. They are really helpful and friendly and you can spe
  2. Hey Annie, Hope we can tap into your roots and get some great BBQ tips. Love that you was searching for a brisket. Check out my other post as I put a list up of my favourite online butchers. Some amazing briskets on there, tried and tested.
  3. Hi Guys, Over lockdown I set myself a little challenge to try as many online butchers and fish mongers to find where I can get the best meats and fish from. I've spent a small fortune but it has been worth it. Some have been amazing, some have been god dam awful but here it is, I would like to share my top list of go-to's when I order. Let me know what you think! Brisket: https://www.tomhixson.co.uk/beef/cuts/brisket-557.html https://www.johndavidsons.com/pitmaster-bbq/brisket-love https://gridironmeat.co.uk/product/native-breed-beef-whole-brisket-2/ Ribs: ht
  4. Hi Guys, I'm Jared and I'm from old Harlow, Essex. I've been smoking meat for almost 2 years and BBQ pretty much anything and everything! As far as hardware so far I've had a Tennessee offset smoker and a GMG Davie Crockett. I currently have a Pit Boss Austin XL which rarely gets a chance to get cold. This year due to lockdown I have set myself a little mission of trying as many online family run butchers and fish mongers as I can. Some have been amazing but some have been awful. The main thing I have realised is how much I love sharing sources, recipes and techniques along wi
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