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  1. Deano

    Hi from Colchester

    Thanks for the info, fellas. Have only ventured out about as far as poplar nurseries which had a good Weber range.
  2. Deano

    Hi from Colchester

    Hi, both just down the road. I've not long been in Colchester so still getting to know the area. Any decent barbie stores around?
  3. Thanks! Appreciate your input. Going for the smoker rather than the kamado as it feels like I learn more.
  4. Not a deal, a friend of a friend is selling their kit. Comes with the kamado adapter which almost seems pointless to me as those things are ridiculously solid when it comes to holding temps. In not really buying it to use now but when I finally get around to doing brisket, I think it will come in handy. Wouldn't be using it on my kamado rather my Fornetto Razzo 22.
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread, but would you say this is a worthwhile purchase for 90 quid delivered? Comes with a large battery pack, spare probe and additional speed controller. Cheers
  6. Deano

    Hi from Colchester

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. She turned up today but I've not had a chance to evaluate her properly yet. Did a two hour burn in at 300, will do another one tomorrow whilst I'm doing a leg of lamb on the monolith. Will be doing some ribs on the Fornetto on Sunday, with a bit of luck.
  7. Hey everybody, it's good to find an active UK based smoking forum. Only started smoking a few months ago and it's been a step learning curve. My dad gave me his old barbie, a char-griller smokin' outlaw and that was it. First attempt actually went pretty well, despite leaks everywhere, second was a bit better after a few seals, 3rd was worse, finished mods, 4th was okay, 5th wasn't and then a 6th 2kg butt took 14 hours before I gave up and stuck it in the oven 😄. Between cooks 2 and 3 I won a monolith kamado junior so have been doing quite a few cooks on that too, pulled lamb being a revelation. I've decided to stop throwing good money after bad with the smoking outlaw after reading the amazing ribs review and finding it explained a lot, but I still wanted an offset. Came close to getting a cactus Jack on eBay but was outbid at the last moment. With everywhere else being out of stock of my second choice, the Oklahoma Joe longhorn, I today ordered a Fornetto Razzo 22 as they were only 228 on eBay and am looking forward to seeing how vertical smoking works! Sorry for the essay.
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