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Dutch oven


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I have been looking round for this size of Dutch oven for the past few days and after reading lots of reviews. I have settled on ones manufactured by Lodge as they get excellent reviews on all the sites like Amazon etc, pre-seasoned and should last a lifetime with proper care.

Got my eye on 3 different versions of the same sort of model, just going to see if they come down anymore in price over the xmas sales. At the moment Wayfair have them at the cheapest from £55  but will check to see what prices are available on Boxing Day before buying one.

Without Carrying handle £55.99

With Carrying Handle £65.99

Smaller but with Skillet for Lid £55.99

There are cheaper versions available as well Von Shef seem well reviewed. But I am happy to spend a little extra for well reviewed products. Bank account won't reach to Le Creuset or Staub though unfortunately



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You should always treat cast iron with a gentle rub of vegetable oil after washing it in warm soapy water before storing it for the next use, saves the rusting. The benefit of pre-seasoned for me is the fact that you shouldn't need to do the gentle rubbing with wire wool before first use.

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On 12/18/2018 at 11:13 AM, Diggerg said:

Looking for a 4-5 litre dutch oven with lid. Any recommendations?

Don't know if you are still looking for one. I can recommend this one Lodge 4.73 litre the lid can be used as a skillet. Down to £60.99 £15 cheaper than I got it at xmas? If this is in your price range?

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Nice, I do not buy this pre seasoned statement though, definitely season it yourself every couple of months.  light coating of oil an d in the oven at 200 degs s, leave to cool in the oven, easy

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