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Seriously interested. Which pot?


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Thanks to Dutchy and his giveaway peaking my interest I have found my next outdoor cooking project, much to the loud tuts from the wife :)

Any recommendations on a particular oven? Looking for one that can accommodate a whole large chicken.

Any brands to avoid? Price varies wildly.


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Depends on what your budget is and how you intend to use it in the long run.

If looking to cook with it over a stove or open fire as well as in your smoker and also have the ability to place hot charcoals on the lid, you need to look at something with a handle of some sort on the lid as well as it being flat with a rim round the edge


If looking to be able to hang it from a tripod as well over an open fire, something like this with a handle to hang it from or one with loop handles designed to be hung on the side of it.


If looking for just a cooking vessel with a lid that can be used as a skillet something like this 


Whichever style you choose, you need to be looking for something in the 5 Litre + mark to hold a whole chicken. Many brands out there at varying prices, Amazon is a good place to start looking at reviews within whatever your price range is.


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Brilliant!!! Thank you 🙏 

Budget isn’t the problem, just don’t wanna end up with a donkey 🙃

Dude on eBay selling 8 litre for £30 each, seems wildly cheaper than others I’ve looked at.

Prolly go for the lipped version as I can always rig up a trivet or something if I wanna hang it but prolly just as good over a sturdy wire rack or something.


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Give it a quick wash in Hot water, to remove any manufacturing residue.

Then dry it.

Is it pre-seasoned? That all say pre-seasoned, but it would use some kitchen paper and give it a wipe around the inside and lid with something like veg oil, then pop in a hot oven for 1 hour, (wait until the wife goes out, as it might give of some smoke) or bang it on your BBQ for 1 hour, then leave to cool.

It will be ready to use.

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If you have any lard around, a thin smear with this on all surfaces and hot oven, leave to cool in oven naturally and then repeat one or two times will leave a great non stick seal

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Will give it a major seasoning.. seems to be a regular thing here 😁 carbon steel woks, mild steel griddles.

Seems like I’m forever seasoning, I have a grungy daughter at uni and I seem to be forever sorting out her seasoning so she can cook like dad 🙄 😎

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