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  1. Sluggy

    Gout, what's that all about???

    Gout has got to be the worst pain I’ve ever felt ? Got put on Allopurinol and not suffered since ?
  2. Sluggy


    Very true Wade ? I do use Weber briquettes a lot because a garden centre near me insists on sending me a £5 off voucher every week, be stupid not to ? My favourite is the heat beads though, they seem to burn better with an even consistency.
  3. Sluggy


    I use their briquettes for hot and fast using my vortex, I’m lucky to have a stockist down the road 5 minutes away. They really do burn hot and fast, as in crazy hot but they don’t last long. Don’t think I would trust them for low and slow burning to be honest, not sure about the fillers, that is unless another user can vouch for them. Unfortunatly they don’t stock any of their wood products so can’t help there.
  4. Sluggy

    Pellet tubes

    My tubes and discs arrived yesterday, stitched them together with some stainless wire. Looking forward to trying them out with my pecan and hickory pellets.
  5. Sluggy

    Smokey mountain mod.. update

    No clue on the science bit, I’ll leave that to the smart guys ? I often defrost meat in brine as I’m convinced it does a better job than a plain soak, maybe a really long would work better but I’m too lazy for that and usually only make a decision on what I’m cooking the day before. Another favourite is to rub the meat up before freezing and when it defrosts in the standard way it definitely pulls in more flavour, to my reckoning anyway.
  6. Sluggy

    Rhubarb wine.

    For cold fermenting on fruit you probably don’t need it but using a steamer adds heat which can cause problems if you don’t add it.
  7. Sluggy

    Pellet tubes

    Thanks muchly for your answers. With the help of your specifications and pictures I have just ordered 2 exhaust tubes of e-bay for £14, much cheaper than the commercial ones, a big thanks for that ? Hoping they’ll also be useful on the kettle with my vortex for chicken pieces.
  8. Sluggy

    Pellet tubes

    I keep seeing this fancy perforated wood pellet tubes that you fill and put on the grill grate. Particularly useful for gas grills I assume. Just wondering if they can be used on the coals of a wsm instead of wood chunks. Seen some interesting pellets to try but not sure if it will work. Any ideas??
  9. Sluggy

    Rhubarb wine.

    I use a big steamer to extract juice rather than a pulp ferment, I find it’s much cleaner. Just don’t forget the pectolase
  10. Sluggy

    Smokey mountain mod.. update

    Bought it ready cut from e-bay 3mm thick for £45. I think it depends on what’s being cooked, this is not a permanent replacement just another option. As for moisture, I’ll have to see how it goes for various meats. I often freeze joints to defrost in a brine solution as I believe the defrosting actually pulls in the brine much better than a plain soak or injecting. With that done I probably don’t need extra water for the cook just maybe a spray bottle for the odd spritz. Gonna do ribs today so shall be interesting to how they go. Bear in mind they will be wrapped at some point so why the water pan. Keeps things interesting
  11. Today I got around to using my planned water pan replacement, as promised I have preliminary results. Today I cooked a £15 supermarket brisket and my version of bacon bombs on my wsm using a stainless plate instead of the standard water pan. I chose stainless tread plate as I thought the extra ridges would ensure against warping... so far so good. This is a foil lined cake tin nearly the same size as the metal plate which I sat this directly on top of. This is the brisket I cooked using the above setup. Not the best picture, sorry. This was heavily rubbed in a balance of salt, pepper, garlic, onion and paprika. Sliced up but literally pulled apart and as far as I’m concerned it was the best brisket I have ever done. These are my version of bacon bombs consisting of beef and pork mince and a blend of spices and ghee along with a lump of cheese for the centre, wrapped up in streaky bacon. The foil package is black pudding. All in all, no regrets on the plate whatsoever, if anything it was much easier to hold temps and cleanup was a doddle. The only real difference I noticed today was I needed to close the vents a little more but seeing as I got a 10 hour cook at 120c at the rack from a 4kg bag of heat beads with heat left over I’m not complaining. Considering the weather in Peterborough today has been wet and windy I’m happy with my decision. 8 Racks of ribs tomorrow nomnomnom. Could have got better pics and whatnot but me, beer, bbq and F1 limits my functionality somewhat.
  12. No worries, not looking for admiration, just putting my tips forward to help a chap out with his brisket problems and maybe get a few tips for mine
  13. Tell me about the rain, I’m not far from there and I fired up at 9pm Friday, typical, nothing for weeks then everything at once. Normal English bbq weather as usual. Spent the whole night nursing the smoker until 4pm next day. Tired but worth it. Did a rolled brisket to perfection at the same time, but not for the same length of time.
  14. All jokes aside, watching that has got me tempted. Nice to see top people fail with easy to do noob errors. Looks serious fun regardless of results.