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  1. Sluggy

    Ham hocks today.

    Today I are will be mostly eating Ham Hocks!! Building up the fire with Weber charcoal and oak chunks Like my charcoal ring ? Got fed up building snake, now I can just pour the charcoal in. Baffle in place instead of water pan. Leaves loads of room to mess with fire if need be. 3 fat Ham Hocks that have been marinating in a bucket of cola all night and and then rubbed over with a little spice mix. Thats it for around 5 hours. Gonna do some pot beans too. Few hours in and the beans are in. job done, took a little longer, but you can’t rush perfection. No crackling, as expected due to the cola soak, another few hours then, maybe. Youngest (19) is on an Asian food fetish at the moment and is up for the soft skin thing 🤷‍♂️ Got a short while to bake the glaze in and to cook the sausages for my oldest (23) who doesn’t like proper food, only bbq he’ll eat is supermarket sausage chicken or burgers 😩🤷‍♂️ Beans, nom Scoff time Until next time. final edit... Rodent approval
  2. What time do you want us over?
  3. I’m currently using one called Anysharp suction sticks to the table. Best one I’ve used so far, cheap too. Prolly not the best if you have fancy shmancy expensive knives, but for general purpose they are spot on.
  4. Sluggy


    The ol’ Brew in a bag eh? 😎 Got a nice IPA going myself. Currently dabbling in wheat beer using dme at the moment. I was wondering if Marigolds would be ok as in food safe. Could still do with a pair of them for the fish tank. 👍
  5. Sluggy


    I’ve got gloves for handling the bbq itself, I’m looking for something for the actual meat tearing part. Gotta be tough and waterproof. The standard nitrile gloves seem a bit flimsy for the job.
  6. Sluggy


    Just wondering what gloves you people use to handle hot food. I’m currently using a pair of cheap cotton gloves and nitrile gloves over them. Not the best for heat protection when pulling pork apart and I keep puncturing them, especially with chicken bones and crackling which then let’s in hot fat/water. For anything else they are fine. I have bear claws but the can’t get on with them.
  7. 2 kilo leg of Lamb rubbed up in freshly ground coriander and fennel seeds along with Basil seeds and the obligatory salt and pepper. After 6 hours on olive wood and repeated spraying with diluted apple juice. Garden fresh Rosemary in the heat pan ( I don’t use water) also fresh rosemary sprigs on the coals intermittently. Cooked to 70c, would prefer lower but the wife’s a burn it or else fan and this was as low as I could comfortably get away with. Ready for scoffing
  8. Sluggy

    Beercan chicken

    Not a big believer in beer can chicken personally, seems to be more of an internet novelty to add moisture in an attempt to prevent over cooked chicken in my experience. Saying that, ever thought of laying the chicken down as in a normal roast but stabbing a can of beer in the side before shoving it up its butt ( hole in can facing up). If you want a beer taste then you’re prolly better off marinating in a beer soak or spray. Not the greatest thing I’ve eaten to be honest. Save your beer for steak, nom.
  9. Sluggy

    Christmas in May

    Definitely no dry turkey here. Prefer to brine them myself but could only get hold of ready basted, turned out excellent so no complaints here. Think it helped being a smaller bird with regards to cooking. No time for the breast to dry out before the thighs are cooked through.
  10. Sluggy

    Christmas in May

    Missed the pic of dried out skin with salt washed off.
  11. Sluggy

    Christmas in May

    I mentioned in the “pork” section that I would be slapping a Turkey on the wsm and would post a picture if I remembered. I remembered 😎 8ish kilo turkey spatchcocked and covered in salt to dry the skin out. half cooked at 125c on hickory wood Cooked to 74c internal Shredded some french bread rolls I freshly made for the occasion. The two combined with added cranberry sauce. Turned out great. The bones are currently roasting in the oven ready to be boiled for stock to be used on my pulled pork tomorrow.
  12. jacqui1treetops on eBay is my go to supplier, I feel it’s good value for money. I’ve used smokewoodshack too, both pretty good.
  13. 🍻 Should post more but never seem to remember. Gonna slap a spatchcock turkey on the wsm today, shall post a pick, if I remember 🙄
  14. Been a while since posting but still q’ing as mad as ever. 2 flattened out spiced up pork loins wrapped around spiced up pork mince wrapped around a good strip of cheddar cheese and all encased in bacon. smoked over apple wood for 3 hours and then glazed in my own apricot and bbq sauce for another hour. served up with Apple coleslaw
  15. I use a large aluminium cake tin wrapped in foil sat on a 5mm stainless steel disc in my wsm and never noticed any problems. Tins not even discoloured so probably doesn’t get hot enough to cause concern.
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