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  1. How much difference does pressure fermenting really make? I ferment 11 litre brews in 19 litre plastic carboys and see no reason to change but I have seen lots mentioned regarding pressure ferments but not convinced it’s not just a fad.
  2. Sluggy


    Hiya, Wind can be brutal on a kettle, been windy here for a couple of days, playing merry hell on my smoker with the chill factor. My snakes have been a briquette higher than usual to combat it. Look up the snake method and protect your kettle from too much wind and you won’t go far wrong.
  3. Look the same quality I get from ABC butchers near me... proper ribs 😎👍
  4. Just had my second set of 10 litre kegs delivered and they are just as outstanding as the first set... previous worries have been resolved and I’m now looking for some proper beer recipes to fill them with!! Am an experienced brewer that left it behind a while back but now looking to brew proper beer ( not pissy lager please). Any recipes for a good malty hoppy brew??
  5. Less wrappage resulting in an ever so slightly firmer rib.. Rubbed in my own bbq rub, smoked on apple and finished in a honey butter glaze. Bone still fell out but leaving a firmer meat behind. Deffo the way to go next time.
  6. Day after ribs instead!!! 15 minutes from done 😎
  7. Suppose I’ve just got used to the Reddit format.
  8. Just me then 🤷‍♂️ If I stop posting that’ll prolly solve it
  9. I see what you mean but do we really need a sub category for every machine? 1 for each group maybe, gas, electric, charcoal and maybe stick. Same with a few sub menus. Dunno about anyone else but I’m forever losing posts 🙄🍻
  10. For the last few days this forum insists on constantly logging me out!!, particularly on the newest page of any particular thread!! As most know.. I joined in on the bbq weekend but it was a constant struggle to stay logged in!! At one point I asked Mr Monkey if I had been banned?? Last day I stayed permanently logged in and all seemed fine but even now I can log in and go to the last page of a topic and get auto booted?? I know my stuffs good and people may feel intimidated but still!!!! 🤪😝😜 Just me ?? I’m on iPhone if that has any bearing 🤷‍♂️
  11. Sluggy

    Day of the Fatty.

    looks Alright to me !!!
  12. Sluggy

    Day of the Fatty.

    Only one as it’s over a foot long !! Follow your nose and if you find it you’re more than welcome to help us scoff it!! 😁
  13. I seriously think there are wayyy too many categories here. Very easy to miss and/or lose posts. Considering the number of active posters I would suggest a little streamlining wouldn’t go amiss. 🙏
  14. Sluggy

    Day of the Fatty.

    For those that think you can’t get low and slow on a kettle...
  15. Sluggy

    Day of the Fatty.

    Been hankering for a couple of weeks but too lazy. Core is 1.5 x 1.5 inch of cheddar cheese. Wrapped in pork sausage meat mixed with grated Apple soaked in lemon juice, along with a mix of herbs and spices that I’m not gonna spill. Wrapped in x2 hammered out pork fillets. Wrapped in x2 packs of streaky bacon. Smoked on my Weber kettle using heat beads and soaked whisky oak chips. update when done... if I remember 🙄
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