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  1. I posted my bbq area in another post that died ... I strapped a couple of fence panels to the sides for this very reason
  2. Sorry if chicken wings are boring but here we go again. F1 qualifiers demand a slightly different wing .. Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Chilli flakes, paprika. Smoked on Traegar Big Game and spritzed with diluted black treacle spray and Apple cider vinegar spray (2 separate sprays) That is all .. Thank you.
  3. Did a weird thing earlier for lunch.... done a bit of fish on bbq over the years but watched a chap on tv cook mackerel with a blowtorch!!! Tried it myself today, absolute revaluation!!! Hit it skin side with a proper torch and add a squirt of lemon.. job done 🤷‍♂️
  4. This is my current area but looking to build a good solid area.. show me yours and give me ideas.
  5. Sluggy

    Pulled pork

    No excuses needed to cook more pork 😎
  6. Another hour to go before the wok treatment
  7. Sluggy

    Pulled pork

    Always cook my pulled pork to 96c on my wsm, never had a problem with it.
  8. I’ll have a look into these.. been wanting to do a bit more fish 👍😎
  9. Not related to post but wanted to say that I use this exact same cooker with my wok for stir frying my 4 hour smoked chicken wings to add the appropriate sauce. 😎 Brilliant gadget. On topic... ditch the instant lighting rubbish and use proper briquettes or lump. Preferably not the common rubbish sold in petrol stations or dodgy garden centres. Cheap lump is normally shrapnel and cheap briquettes have too many fillers and smoke way to much.
  10. Sluggy

    Lighting BBQ

    2000watt paint stripper heat gun. The air blowing action really does make a huge difference over a blowtorch. Got fed up with stinky wax lighter cube smoke.
  11. I only use these from here https://www.bbqworld.co.uk/m/heat-beads/australian-heat-beads-4kg-bag.asp I buy 8 at a time £63 but free delivery next day by DPD
  12. I smoke whole turkeys all the time on my Smokey mountain. The biggest improvement you can make is charcoal. Use rubbish and you’ll turn out rubbish. I exclusively use heat beads on my smoker, olive wood briquettes and Weber in that order are the only charcoal briquettes I’ll use on my smoker if I can’t get heat beads. Anything else in my experience just isn’t worth the time. Cheaper briquettes are ok on a standard bbq if you get them fully alight but don’t last long. I don’t have much experience with lump wood as I always get bags of shrapnel and and don’t find lump wood as manageable myself. With my briquettes I at least know that any smoke I add is from my choice of wood and not weird fillers
  13. Foil deflectors on the baskets and dump the water. Spray bottle of cider vinegar or whatever you prefer for moisture.
  14. I didn’t put holes in mine as I had the disc cut just big enough to sit on the lugs built in the smoker. No direct heat but plenty of side space for smoke and indirect heat. I started with a uds and had a lot of fun messing with configurations, built my charcoal holder out of an old washing machine drum. Hermes deliverer found it very amusing bringing an unwrapped drum with nothing but a label stuck to it 😁 Still miss using it to be honest, took all sorts of abuse and still produced top notch grub!!
  15. Prolly said it before but I replaced my water bowl with a 3mm thick disc of stainless steel. Done countless cooks with it and can confirm I’ll never change back. Comes in handy when spraying the cider vinegar, gets a quick steam which prolly does more for my nose than the meat 🤷‍♂️ Useful for standing the bowl of pit beans on too.
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