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Saving Online Recipes, Looking For an App or a Programme For My Windows Laptop


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I currently bookmark all my recipes in a folder on my Browser toolbar, but it is now getting very large and unruly. I have looked around and there is an app that seems ideal called Paprika, but it is quite expensive for the Windows version, for what and how much I would use it for tbh. They do a cheaper iphone version app, but with my eyesight, the larger screen would suit me much better

Anyone found a similar app or program that works on Windows that stores the URl's and titles to make them easy to organise and find as and when you need them

This is how Paprika stores and displays them on your laptop for instance and something like this would be ideal for my needs


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59 minutes ago, Justin said:

@Smokin Monkey what about your recipes book on the forum or are we looking for something fancier. Sounds like some website solution.

My recipe book here on the Forum, is just links to cooks that I have put up on the Forum.

This is what I use personally.


It’s Recipe Manager, but think it’s only available in app form.

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I have purchased Recipe Keeper Pro today for £5.99 after some research, as it seems a good one for Windows and I prefer the big screen on my laptop to my iphone for this sort of thing. It will also sync across apple and android devices with an extra licence as well, if needed. Seems to do exactly what the Paprika App does for a fifth of the price

I will have a play with it over the coming days.

There is also a 7 day free trial, if anybody wants to try it out?

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If anybody interested and looking for something like this? Looks quite good from early testing, I created 2 new categories Grill/Smoker and Dutch Oven, easy to do from settings and within them they already had the different sub categories for all types of meats, I will just add a couple of new sub categories for Rubs and Sauces etc in time.



Displays the Sub Categories You have chosen, from clicking on the main category


Imports the recipes in the most, with all the necessary info and ingredients by just copying and pasting the link from the recipe webpage and where it doesn't the link to the webpage is on the recipe page, when you click on it. (Also meant to be able to scan from hardback recipe books as well, but not tried that yet)



For £6 pretty happy with it tbh

p.s. there is more info on this page but can't print the screen past the display shown, but the bar on the side tabs down to display the rest of the page within the app iyswim




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