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St Louis ribs


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And here's how they turned out:

They were tasty, but definitely overcooked. 

I think the final hour was too much for them - should have just sauced them and given them 5mins.

One of the racks was cooked above the water pan, and those ones had brown sugar and honey on them while wrapped. 

The non-sugared ones were better tasting in my opinion, but maybe that was because they weren't so dark. 

A good benchmark, anyway - be keen to know what you all think about the 3-2-1 method, and any tweaks you'd suggest for next time. 


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11 minutes ago, Justin said:

Did you use a thermometer probe or a Meater?  I am glad they were tasty.  What temp did you cook at?

I didn't use a probe in the ribs themselves – I've been advised against that, as they're so thin and the meat is so close to the bone.

I cooked at 230-250F - and I checked that regularly.

The display on the ProQ is not 100% reliable, I gather - it was saying 200F, but my probe that I poked through the eyelet said 240F most of the time.

I guess there are so many variables: 

- it was incredibly windy yesterday (and still is today), so maybe that cranked up the airflow and heated things up?

- the size/thickness of the ribs

- the outside temp

But I have a few more racks in the freezer, so I'll vary things a bit next time.

@Justin - you did ribs for 4-4.5 hrs last time, didn't you? Perhaps I'll try that (mine were on for 6 yesterday).

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Yes but it depends terribly on how strong the sun and wind is. I use wsm and adjust the vents until I am happy starting from a pencil width as a base level so I know how much I gave adjusted from. 

Persevere and now and again the ribs are perfect. Not done st Louis cut. It does also depend on how meaty the ribs are. Useful to talk with your butcher 

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HowToBBQRight posted this video the other day, not tried this method, but looks an interesting way of cooking ribs and they looked fabulous and although he uses a UDS in the video, I am sure it can be adapted to a bullet smoker with the aluminium foil over half the basket and rotating, without the waterpan or leaving the waterpan empty perhaps?.

They do look really tasty ribs and cooked at 275F

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On 3/29/2020 at 2:04 PM, Smokin Monkey said:

3-2-1 is only a guide. If they are not meaty ribs you will have to alter the times.


Too true....even meaty ribs in my opinion could be over cooked on 3-2-1...I go more for the 2-1.5-1 that suits us down to the ground.


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Well, they were better but still a bit dry. 

I did 2hr smoke, then honey and brown sugar in the wrap, 1hr 20 wrapped, then 40 mins sauced. 

The sugar really makes them go black - should I just wrap them as they are? 

Still tasty, though! 😀



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Also cooked a rack over the weekend too. The slab was from Turner and George and it was a good size, very thick.

Decided to deviate from the usual 3-2-1 process and experiment. Kept the overall cook to 6 hours. Process was:

No trimming needed other than membrane removal. Covered with yellow mustard and dusted liberally with Firefly Texas.

Smoked for 4 hours at 275f. Removed and wrapped in foil. Added a small slither of butter, brown sugar and splodge of chocolate sherry we had left over from Christmas. At this point I wrapped the foil parcel in a towel and left it to rest for an hour to give the short ribs I also had cooking a bit more time.

Put back on for an hour then pulled, drained, roved from foil and sauced and put back on for about 30 mins to set the glaze.

Then pulled and rested under loose foil for about 20 mins before serving.

They were the best I've had in a long time. Not fall off the bone tender but a nice firmness to the bite. Very, very juicy.

Will be following this method again for a rack this size. If it was a thinner rack I'd back the times off and possibly the temperature too.




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