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Kamado Mod - To make it easier to dial in low temps


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Well, I have had a fun day. No, really. I have. I haven't even cooked any food! 

Yesterday i cooked a low and slow lamb shoulder on the Kamado. It came out beautifully, but it did remind me that i had previously struggled to keep a low temp in the Kamado.

This is the lower vent position i needed for a 225-235F temp range.


Barely open and difficult to hit on. A little too much and it its up over 250F and a little too closed and its under 210F.

So i had ordered some perforated stainless steel sheet from ebay for £3. Today i cut out (badly, i only had a junior hacksaw) a piece to fit inside the vent. 



The theory being, by adding the perforated sheet, it will reduce the airflow by a reasonable amount. It should mean that any adjustments i need to make should be probably twice as big. I should be able to get it dialled in much more easily and accurately. 

I then took it for a test run without food. And it works! :)


I was able to get a nice 220F, 255F and 275F temp dialled in at first attempt. Much better. Much easier. Love it.






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9 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Great idea! 

Would suggest marking it.



But could change with higher or lower ambient temperatures.

Yes, and of course the top vent can affect it too. But this extra control on the bottom definitely helps on such a small, efficient Kamado.

The other side of the slider is actually marked 1-4 i think, but they are way too far apart to be useful.


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10 minutes ago, Phlashster said:

Thanks Ice,

Not the prettiest of cuts, but works well. 

I am still amazed how this thing can keep 250F for 7 hours on not much more than a couple of handfuls of charcoal.


I know I love the little bugger, suits us two down to the ground.
I just wish I could get a rack of ribs on it,  other than chopping the rack into 4.  🤣😎


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1 minute ago, sotv said:

I have no idea if the kamado adaptor fits your particular model. But there is one for the smartfire, if it were to fit, wouldn't that help?

Yes, it might do. But once the temp is dialled in, it is very stable on these. I have thought about getting an adaptor for my Smartfire, but actually, I don't think I need it.

Some folks find that on a Kamado the Smartfire doesn't need to run, that the air going through the casing of the fan naturally is enough or too much for the Kamado. I have seen that they tape over the fan inlet to reduce the flow further if temps overshoot. This is only the case for low temps I think like 225F. If you were roasting at 350F Smartfire would need to do some work.

If/when this Kamado breaks, I will definitely replace with another. Although I would get a standard size one. Now that will be a tough choice! 


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Neat solution but wondering if that’s the root cause as shouldn’t be an issue dialling in low temps... are you leaky somewhere perhaps or something in your setup: how many lit coals you start with, using a deflector/heat sink and top vent position?



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Bought some perforated sheet from ebay and slid it behind the vent slider. I tried it inside but couldn't get it to sit snugly so wouldn't have made much difference. Keen to try it and see the improvement. Thanks for the idea.



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