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First pellet cook

General Lee

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So just finished 1st cook on my new pellet grill. Decided to do ribs as they are relatively easy & can compare to the results I get on my offset.

I also got a meat grinder/sausage maker for fathers day so made my 1st sausages too. Went for a Greek style village sausage because I used to use them alot in my cooking when I lived over there but as of yet I cant find anywhere to buy them here.

On my offset, the 3-2-1 method is pretty much spot on, I only use it as a guide tho, I just cook the ribs to a deep mahogany colour then wrap for 2 hours then upwrap, glaze & cook until glaze caramels over, probably 35-45 mins. The ribs I had were a little smaller than I would usually get so thought might not take quite so long but ended up exactly 3-2-1. 

I was very pleased with how the ribs turned out, on par with the offset, not as smokey but smokey enough, loads of flavour though. 

The sausages need a little work. They cooked well in the pellet grill but were a little crumbly texture wise. Been reading up & think I need more fat in the mixture, need to knead the mixture more & keep everything as cold as possible (any advice with this would be much appreciated).

On the whole though I'm very pleased with the pellet grill, although I love cooking on my offset (I dont know many men that dont like messing with fire), it's nice not to be constantly fire tending, gave me chance to do a bit in the garden.







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Looks like a great cook - you'll really start to see the value of the pellet grill as you cook for longer and don't have to tend to it nearly as much as a charcoal grill!

I'm unfamiliar with the process of making sausages, but I've seen people put their meat and apparatus in the freezer before grinding meat for burgers.

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