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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know where I can source any apple or cherry logs? I am in the west mids but can pick up from any areas within 40 miles or so. I have been getting well seasoned apple logs from Amazon £10 for a bag about potato sack size but looks like sold out now. Can get oak easy enough but it is too strong for certain meats sometimes. Cheers Lee
  2. That's Sunday lunch sorted then.🥩🤗
  3. Cheers. Pork shoulder & lamb. Leek, garlic, orange peel, red wine, oregano, coriander, allspice, salt & pepper. Think going to add pork belly next time for more fat.
  4. So just finished 1st cook on my new pellet grill. Decided to do ribs as they are relatively easy & can compare to the results I get on my offset. I also got a meat grinder/sausage maker for fathers day so made my 1st sausages too. Went for a Greek style village sausage because I used to use them alot in my cooking when I lived over there but as of yet I cant find anywhere to buy them here. On my offset, the 3-2-1 method is pretty much spot on, I only use it as a guide tho, I just cook the ribs to a deep mahogany colour then wrap for 2 hours then upwrap, glaze & cook until glaze caramels over, probably 35-45 mins. The ribs I had were a little smaller than I would usually get so thought might not take quite so long but ended up exactly 3-2-1. I was very pleased with how the ribs turned out, on par with the offset, not as smokey but smokey enough, loads of flavour though. The sausages need a little work. They cooked well in the pellet grill but were a little crumbly texture wise. Been reading up & think I need more fat in the mixture, need to knead the mixture more & keep everything as cold as possible (any advice with this would be much appreciated). On the whole though I'm very pleased with the pellet grill, although I love cooking on my offset (I dont know many men that dont like messing with fire), it's nice not to be constantly fire tending, gave me chance to do a bit in the garden.
  5. Cheers, it's good to see so many like minded people sharing their experiences & ideas (especially from the mids 😁).
  6. General Lee

    General Lee

  7. Hi, thanks. How do you find the pellet smoker? Where in the mids are you? is there anywhere for buying pellets local? I have some traeger pellets I got from webs for my pizza oven, they were £17 but if can get cheaper would be cool.
  8. Cheers smoking monkey, I thought of getting a better offset but I got the pellet grill because although I like the offset, i wanted something that I dont have to spend hours continuously tending the fire & also I had a great deal on the pellet. Hi ice, I'm near stourbridge.
  9. Thanks Phil Been looking through forum & found some interesting stuff.
  10. Hi all. I have liked bbq all my life but a couple of years ago I bought an offset & have now developed a bit of an obsession with smoking. I have a chargriller offset, it a lot of hard work sometimes & took a lot of trial & error to get right but now get great food on it. I have just bought a pellet grill but haven't had chance to fire it up yet, hopefully will next weekend. Now I have found this forum I will be searching for any tips & advice. Lee
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