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Lidl mini kamado 6th June £79


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The wife may be interested in one, so is it only available in a Lidl store or will we be able to order online??

ps....I've just had another look and there's no way of buying online that I can see,  looks like an early drive into Lemington Spa next Thur..... 


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I manage to get one yesterday for the wife,  our local only had six on show not sure if that was their total stock?? I must admit it looks far better than I was expecting, I fixed the leg frame together and popped the body in and it looks a cracking job just for the two of us.
It'll be great for taking in the trailer tent or caravan, just the right size.....for £79 it's well worth the money. 

1 hour ago, Secla said:

yup no kind of heat deflector,

Because of it's size there is not a lot of space inside, but I said that I may be able to fix a small plate just under the grill rack?? 



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Yes, there were only 8 in mine at 8am. 

Agree on ease of assembly and quality. As mentioned previously it is the Landmann Grillchef. 

Will certainly suit two people, and I think a fairly sizable square chunk of meat for smoking should fit. 

From a bit of a measure and a comparison with the BGE Mini, it seems to be only marginally bigger inside. So I have ordered a ceramic "plate setter" that fits that.

Of course today it is pouring with rain :(

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Yeah, gonna be a poor couple of days weather. 

I was initially tempted to get one of these, but in the end i decided not much point for me.

I already have a grill and a smoker. It isn't big enough to replace either one and it wont give me any additional techniques or opportunities.

I can see myself getting a large kamado style unit in the fullness of time, but this just doesn't offer the size or flexibility for me. 


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