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  1. yup no kind of heat deflector, so youll need to get creative to do any kind of low and slow with it
  2. Secla

    Kamado Cooks...

    https://www.kadai.co.uk/shop/view/30-Cookware/5592-Set-of-8-Skewers-and-Rack saw some of these in a local garden centre the other day, was tempted but a bit pricey seemed well made and heavy duty though
  3. https://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk/p/eiqegg/electriq-eiqegg thats the only one ive seen close to the price and i think its smaller ! most seem to be closer to the £500 mark
  4. looks like the same stuff that b&q and coals2u are selling same colour bag and larger pieces but different print I got a bag from b&q for £12 last week
  5. I was going to say you’ll have a container full of mint soon 😂 i have a mini veg garden in our back garden. Want an allotment but lack of availability in our area currently have potatoes/beans/garlic/onions broccoli and mixed salad leaves all growing in various pots
  6. I have a very good condition used frontier elite for sale. Only reason for sale is I have just bought a Komado i only did a couple of cooks on it last year. So it’s still in really good condition. im looking for £150 collected from Kettering northants. Il get some pictures up ASAP once I’ve given it a clean
  7. I bought mine as a dipping my toe into Kamado really. If I get on well with it and it lasts a few years il consider one of the higher quality brands on the market. couldnt justify over 1k never having used one though
  8. If mine arrives chipped I’d take the money offered as ling as I get the 3 year warranty !
  9. Does anyone know how they uphold any warranty claims ? do they just keep all the good bits from broken returns ?
  10. just got my despatch notice today so will get mine next week id assume
  11. General rule is 3 days without any movement on gravity. yeast does naturally settle to the bottom and can be reused if kept in the correct conditions
  12. Is there much of a second hand market for used smokers ? I’ve just purchased a Kamado and can’t see my proq getting much use. I see there’s a for sale section on here but mostly new stuff not used ! It’s still in great condition. But would be pointless selling for peanuts !
  13. I’ve also had a grainfather but currently using a 3 pot system. ive been doing it s few years now any have done countless brews with no major mess ups. It’s all fun and I like to try all different styles
  14. Secla

    Hi from northants

    i also brew all grain 👍
  15. ive ordered the same so will be watching this thread for some tips as ive never used a kamado before Im wondering if i will need my weber and proq anymore as this seems like it may be able to do it all in one
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