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  1. Picked this up with the intention of using it for camping etc but in reality its a bit heavy and delicate for that and i have the bigger aldi model at home so it wont get any use Its been used once so all in good condition and has a heat deflector unlike some of the other smaller kamados on the market only looking for £60 for it but it will need collecting from kettering northants as its not really postable
  2. I’ve been using potatoe bags which are pretty small hence I expect the low yield. Think I’m going to get some big plastic bins for next year.
  3. We’ve been doing it for a few years now and we’re learning what works and doesnt. garlic and onions we probably won’t do again we just didn’t get enough out of it for it to be worth the effort. We do quite well with root veg. The beans always seem to go pretty mad and tomatoes are usually good. the yield on potatoes hasn’t been great this year
  4. weve done potatoes,chard/kale,corn,carrots/brocolli/garlic/onions/tomatoes/peas and beans this year just in tubs in the garden so just a small amount of each, the village i live in are trying to get allotments sorted but the council are dragging there feet at the moment. The wife tends to scour the countryside for anything she can make wine with. theres a local yellow plum tree that makes a good drop if we can get there before anyone else
  5. briquettes arnt advised for kamados due to the chemicals used in them, not sure about the coconut ones ! how are you guys putting a drip tray in when using the deflector ? cant find anything shallow enough
  6. picked up one of these myself, reduced again to £60 i couldnt refuse
  7. Secla

    pork shoulder prep

    Got a 2.5kg pork shoulder bone in for pulled pork. its my first longer cook on the kamado The shoulder still has the top layer of skin/fat on. im thinking i should trim off the skin and some of the fat before cooking and just leaving a thin layer of fat on it. suggestions ?
  8. yup no kind of heat deflector, so youll need to get creative to do any kind of low and slow with it
  9. Secla

    Kamado Cooks...

    https://www.kadai.co.uk/shop/view/30-Cookware/5592-Set-of-8-Skewers-and-Rack saw some of these in a local garden centre the other day, was tempted but a bit pricey seemed well made and heavy duty though
  10. https://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk/p/eiqegg/electriq-eiqegg thats the only one ive seen close to the price and i think its smaller ! most seem to be closer to the £500 mark
  11. looks like the same stuff that b&q and coals2u are selling same colour bag and larger pieces but different print I got a bag from b&q for £12 last week
  12. I was going to say you’ll have a container full of mint soon 😂 i have a mini veg garden in our back garden. Want an allotment but lack of availability in our area currently have potatoes/beans/garlic/onions broccoli and mixed salad leaves all growing in various pots
  13. I have a very good condition used frontier elite for sale. Only reason for sale is I have just bought a Komado i only did a couple of cooks on it last year. So it’s still in really good condition. im looking for £150 collected from Kettering northants. Il get some pictures up ASAP once I’ve given it a clean
  14. I bought mine as a dipping my toe into Kamado really. If I get on well with it and it lasts a few years il consider one of the higher quality brands on the market. couldnt justify over 1k never having used one though
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