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Kamado Cooks...

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As suggested by @Smokin Monkey I'll start the ball rolling...

I didn't get my weekend logistics sorted for my first low and slow, so sticking with the kebabs. Chicken Tikka and Paneer/vegetables all served up on fresh salad and coriander dressing. Really enjoying my weekend wander to the green grocers to see what colourful madness he has in.  This week, bright yellow toms and courgettes.

I tend to use thigh, but only had breast fillets in the freezer so really happy they weren't dry.  

Sadly can't recommend the Rockwell Skewer support (B&Q), spot weld has failed. It feels cheap, was cheap, is cheap. To be returned.




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Looks good. I am testing a Rôtisserie that fits in a Kamado (lid down) which has a kebab attachment and can cook a whole chicken.





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Both looking great. I think a variety of veg is always good to have. I like getting some peppers and butternut squash on kebabs. Cooks really well and tastes great. 

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Pizzas done on the Aldi kamado last night, used frozen shop bought dough but will be making some next time.


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