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Rib Sourcing Uk

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Could people share their recommendations where they buy racks of ribs from in the UK ?

I have historically bought the yellow Belvedere meaty box from bookers which were very good. 

Are there any other places you can recommend at short notice without ordering online? 

I have never tried Costco, do they do any worth a go?

I have always found the supermarkets useless. 

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Do you live near a city and indoor market. I went into my local one in Brum for the first time in a long time last weekend and the different types and cuts of ribs that were offer on the stalls were amazing and all good value. Along with other meats and cuts you don't see in supermarkets.

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I'm sure Tesco bought the Bookers group early 2017 or so. I've never been to either but there is one of each in Glasgow which is accessible. I sometimes hit Costco but that was more for a bottle of Lagavulin <£40. 😋 

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Find your nearest local abattoir. Most major city's have them dotted around. It's where most of your independent restaurants get some of their meat (a lot of them use Brakes for larger deliveries). A lot of the Chinese restaurants here in Liverpool bulk buy their ribs from the abattoir, it's almost an adventure in itself to stand and watch them haggle with the traders for 30 boxes at the best price! Then I come along wanting one.... 😄

Just a note on Brakes. Tried joining through my partner's catering business but they want a minimum £200 spend per month before they'll even flash their catalog past your eyes.

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