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Topside joint on Kettle


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I know the weather isn’t supposed to be that great but that has never stopped me. Now I’m still trying to clear the rest of my freezer out, and next piece is a topside. Still looking at what to do with it, so any ideas let me know. 

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So all finished now and no complaints from the family. The little one certainly like it. 

The only seasoning I did was a small bit of oil and then salt and pepper and left for a few hours. 


At around 1200 I lit the coals. I kept the temp at around 130 and then put the Inkbird probe in set for medium rare. 


I left it for 2.5 hrs until the joint reached temperature and prepped the rest of the food. 


Served with roast potatoes, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli, and Yorkshire pud (I wasn’t brave enough to try them on the bbq this time. 

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Looks great and a nice colour, braised a topside joint in my Dutch Oven last night inside (way too windy here to cook outside) I am such a big fan of cooking with the Dutch Oven now. I don't think I will cook any sort of roast the old fashioned way again.

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Took 70 mins to hit 55. Wrapped and in coolbox until this evening. Serving with salad. Will photo then. No idea if it will be tender enough. Next time I will cook it at 110 not 130 which was my original thought but I was unsure how long it would take. With hindsight would have been fine

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