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  1. A big chain. Or insurance cover for items in the garden. M&S insurance is good for this, I have found.
  2. Smoking Woods on Amazon. Also this crew are ok too Gwernyfed Wood, also on Amazon. Don't bother with wood chips....they burn out too quickly.
  3. Bloody good deal that. At that price it's not worth buying the older Classic 1 and adding the Kontrol tower. It also seems that Classics are now shipping with the metal shelves (was a £120 upgrade) too. I know that the Big Joe ll that I had delivered this week had the metal shelves.
  4. There's a brisket arriving from Sherwoods Foods on Friday. That'll be going on late Saturday night for an overnight smoke (gotta get my Inkbird controller plumbed in first!). The the French MotoGP on Sunday to the sound of brisket chomping!
  5. Not the missus, but the Big Joe ll beside her...
  6. The cheapest D&C system I've found is this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Onlyfire-Cooking-System-Kettle-Similar/dp/B084RRCMWW?ref_=ast_sto_dp It fitted my Pit Boss K24 perfectly. The other bits you can get from kamado.co.uk or the YNNI store on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=YNNI+KAMADO&i=outdoor&search-type=ss&ref=bl_dp_s_web_0
  7. Ive asked over on Kamadoguru and a bloke reckons that the ceramics are the same. Based on that, the OP's offer looks pretty good, as long as the seller confirms that it has the later firebox and the D&C system. Make sure its not an older one found at the back of the warehouse!. Building the bundle might save a few more quid. The kontrol tower is £70, a Joetisserie is £279 and a classic 1 bundle from Birstalls (with a cover, charcoal and delivery) is £899. That.s a total of £1250 with £250 in your back pocket for other bits and bobs. https://www.birstall.co.uk/products/kamado-joe-
  8. I dont know, to be honest. Looking at the specs, the Classic 2 is 15Kg heavier than the 1. I wonder if they changed the body shape or thickness? If the bodies are identical and the AMP firebox and D&C system are now included in the Classic 1, then the Classic 2 looks way over-priced. It might be worth posting on Kamadoguru.com. Joe Setzler knows everything there is to know about KJ products.
  9. My bad, it looks like it does. I think that they might also be fitting the multi-part AMP firebox to new Joe Classics 1 as well. https://uk.kamadojoe.com/products/classic-i
  10. You'd need to raise it up an inch or two.
  11. That's an impossible question for anyone to answer. It's a bit like me asking you if I would be disappointed if I had worn brown shoes today instead of black ones.
  12. What about a kiln shelf? https://www.cromartiehobbycraft.co.uk/Catalogue/Ceramic-Kilns-Electric-Kilns-Pottery-Kilns/Kiln-Furniture-Kiln-Shelves-Kiln-Accessories/Kiln-Shelves-Batts They do a 12.75" one for about "25 delivered.
  13. Be cautious if that's Teflon coated. Teflon decomposes to some very nasty compounds if over-heated (above 250C)
  14. As far as I know, they are pretty much the same as Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills. I ran a Pit Boss for 4 years until it developed a hairline crack in the base and up the sides about 5 inches. It's being returned under Costco's excellent no-quibble warranty. The YNNI has a 20 year warranty on the ceramics, which looks pretty good. The big factories churn these grills out and the various importers badge them As far as I can see, Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, Kamado Bono, Quinta Kamado, Vision (possibly Monolith too)are all made in the same factories. Auplex and TopQ are the big players.
  15. At he price level you are looking at you can't go wrong. If you had them side be side then you'd spot differences. That's not how it works in the real world.....you ain't going to buy both and then return the loser. Both will cook superbly and at the moment the limiting factor will be the users ability. Pull the trigger, then post lots of pictures and cook threads. Enjoy!
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