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  1. I've not tried it in the kamado yet, to be honest. Nice big lumps in the bag and seems to burn OK in the Weber. Needs more air than I'm used to though. Hopefully the weather improves again as I've got some ribs that I want to smoke at the weekend.
  2. Ive cooked one of those and it was fine. A bit over-trimmed out of the bag to be honest and a little light on the marbling. I injected it with beef stock, especially in the flat and it turned out perfectly respectably. Very good flavour.
  3. Yeah, you'll need to line it with firebrick and use fire cement. https://www.vitcas.com/prd/cty/firebricks
  4. Is that on an outside wall? You might want to check your home insurance if it's inside..... I'd also be asking someone in the know about the flue dimensions and opening sizes. Burning charcoal inside without proper extraction is a great way to get carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Kamados always work better with lumpwood, especially for long cooks. The lumpwood produces far less ash, it burns cleaner and hotter too.
  6. Burning or heating (to high temps) galvanised steel is a no-no. Zinc fever isn't that nice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_fume_fever#Cause Once it burns off all you are left with is mild-steel, so you might as well use that in the first place. Stainless steel is the only choice for anything near food.
  7. I've used them too. The olive wood is really nice...lovely on pork. You don't need much either as it's so hard and dense. I tried cutting a couple of the larger pieces and gave up quickly. It's like trying to cut iron!
  8. Its ready when it's ready! 😁 Once it hits the stall then the Texas Crutch (wrap it in tinfoil) will help it speed through the stall. Or you could do a Harry Soo fast brisket and cook it at much higher temps. Either way, the real test is to let it hit about 91C and then start probing for doneness. It's done when the probe feels like it's going into room temperature butter.
  9. I had some of their hanger steaks last week. I grilled them over screaming hot charcoal and then sliced and served with home-made chimmichurri. They were absolutely delicious! Try the extra-matured T-bones or the denver steaks next (if you can get the Aussie Black Market or the Black Onyx then you wont get a better steak anywhere). For anyone in north west Lancashire, Cornvale have opened an online ordering system. Ie've got some steaks arriving tomorrow to try them out. Delivery is free in the local area. https://cornvalefoods.co.uk/shop/
  10. I use a butane powered weed burner. I use a chimney on the Weber and in the kamado I just fire the flames directly at the charcoal. Both methods get the charcoal lit in no time at all. You can pick them up for about £20 including 4 cans of butane. 5 Cans lasts me about 2 years! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trendi-BURNER-BLOWTORCH-OUTDOOR-CANISTERS/dp/B07RL8LDDQ/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=weed+burner&qid=1591538925&s=outdoors&sr=1-7
  11. Waiting until all probes show 56 is guaranteed to overcook. Especially for a big piece you need to take it off at about 50~C and allow it to rest. The heat will continue to penetrate (follow-on cooking) and the temp can rise by another 5C, easily. If it's a big hunk of meat wrapping it loosely in grease-proof or butcher paper and letting it rest in a cooler for 30 minutes (or even longer) will allow the follow on cooking to penetrate deeply. Dont soak the wood chips, all you are doing is reducing the heat of the fire, especially if you chuck them directly on the hot charcoal.
  12. Morrison's can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes my local have some great pork ribs, other times not so good. Occasionally my local will have beautiful matured rib roasts and rib steaks, though I haven't seen any for a while. Check out the fish counter too. They are usually very good. I picked up a lovely whole tilapia for £3.60 yesterday, which was delicious charred on the grill. Who said that good food is expensive? A poxy scutter-burger 🤪 from McDonalds would be more than that! All in all, Morrisons has about the best butchers of the big chains though. Their fishmonger is head and shoulders above.
  13. Cooked over searing hot lumpwood charcoal on a Weber kettle to internal 46C and then rested. Served with chimmichurri and pan-fried chestnut mushrooms. The chimmichuri was finely diced parsley (about a handful of leaves), three cloves of pressed garlic, olive oil and vinegar. I had run out of red wine vinegar, so made do with a mix of balsamic and malt. The winning touch was some finely grated Parmesan cheese to give it a nutty umami undertone. The meat was sourced from here: https://www.johndavidsons.com/pitmaster-bbq/beef/hanger-steak
  14. I buy a fair bit from Johndavidsons.com. All of the meat is supplied blast frozen and I've always had good quality from them. The extra mature T-bones are absolutely delicious. I've had their ribs, briskets and pork and all has been spot on. Recommendations? The suckling pig cochinella is delicious. Also, the Black Market Denver steaks are something else...they don't always have them, but grab them once they are availible. The Creekstone Denvers are also very good.
  15. Tough would tend to indicate under-done. What temperature were you cooking at? I never marinate ribs, I just put the run on before smoking and put the ribs on when tacky.
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