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Forum members in the West Midlands to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  2. During the month of August I am teaching a BBQ Master via Zoom. As part of that I created an outdoor pop up kitchen in my little garden and put it all under a pop up gazebo because the weather has been so unreliable. Here is a short video clip I made of some ofd my equipment. My Pop Up BBQ
  3. Up to date details in various threads on main site about this get together here under Midland Tailgate
  4. Pleased to announce the 1st Midland Tailgate & BBQ Weekend. This will held the weekend of 5th - 6th June 2020 The venue is, Marsten Caravan & Camping Park Address, Kingsbury Rd Sutton Coldfield B76 0DP United Kingdom Telephone number, 01675 470902 We will be using the booking code Tailgate 20 ( so we can all be booked in the same area) Contact the site and book your own pitch. This will be a free and easy weekend, where like minded folk meet and BBQ. You can either Cook on your own pitch or cook on the main cooking pitch. We aim to eat as a group at approximately 17.30. Great weekend to get together and enjoy a beer, chat BBQ and eat some great food. TARIFF Caravan, Motorhome, Trailer Tent Pitch Rate 1 Adult £14.00 2 Adults £18.00 Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13 £18.00 Tent per night up to 4 Persons 1 Adult £14.00 2 Adults £16.00 Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13 £16.00 Pup Tent 1 Adult £12.00 2 Adults £14.00 Additional Charges per night Adult £4.00 Child (under 13) £2.00 Gazebo £2.00 £4.00 token for washing machine....£3.00 token tumble drier Pup Tents with Caravans charged at Tent rates. Awning Small £1.00, Large £2.00 per night No charge for toilets or showers.
  5. 4 new members....welcome to the group, we should use this a little more often. Ice.
  6. As Ice said Cirencester is in the county of Gloucestershire and is classed as the south west
  7. Hi & welcome Keylargo, Cirencester is in the Cotswolds East Gloucestershire.....but your welcome the West Midlands is only 35 miles further North. We sometimes pop down to Cirencester on the bike for a ride out, have a pub lunch. Ice.
  8. Pardon my american ignorance... Is Cirencester West midlands or south west.??
  9. New unit opened in Tamworth big selection of meats Meat4less bigger presence on facebook evidently? Picked up 6 big racks of pork ribs and nearly 2kg of brisket for £27 today Ribs will need a bit of trimming, but meat looks very good quality Not the best photos but a couple to show what I got today
  10. Ok guys & gals, all the info about the Midland Tailgate is posted on the main forum. I can't repeat firm enough that if you are attending please book your pitch ASAP.....otherwise you may miss out. Ice.
  11. until
    The date and venue for the 1st Midland Tailgate has been changed. The new date is 16th -18th August 2019. New venue is The Cottage Of Content Country Pub
  12. Over the last few days, I've been searching for another site, I have found one I've spoken with the owner and she is very happy for us to hold a Tailgate meeting there. The site is an old pub with the campsite attached, it also has 6 rooms B&B (but we have to get in early)...for those of us that prefer a little more comfort. I need to have at least 3 pitches booked ASAP, she is willing to hold another 5/6 for us. It's a family & pet-friendly site, the problem is it's booked for the whole of June already. I've pencilled in the glorious 16th/18th Aug, I need to confirm this with her....this is a month after WoodSmoke 19... The link to the site.....http://www.cottageofcontent.com/index We need one more booking to reserve the pitches, so come on guys lets be having you. If you're up for it please let me know, I'll then ring the owner and sort out a "Tailgate" code, then you'll be able to book.... I'll post more info later. Ice.
  13. Commitment time. WOODSMOKE CHRISTMAS 2018 Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December
  14. As there seems to be a smidgen of confusion between the Southam Tailgate & the 1ST Midland Tailgate, they are one of the same. The same campsite, just re-named after the group section. Same date...same bat channel...sorry got carried away there... ? Ice.
  15. ???????????????????? you've lost me, I surrender.....I must be getting old because I don't know what the smegging hell your on about Justin
  16. Sorry Steve we're away. ? off to Portugal Ice.
  17. Oh yes probably will be. I have not booked it yet.
  18. By share chance, I was delivering a Fridge Trailer about 3 miles form the campsite so thought I would drop by and have a look. I think it will be a good venue. Will be back on Tuesday, will you be around @Icefever?
  19. I'm confused now Justin, as you pm'd me to say you couldn't make those dates as you would be fishing in France.??????
  20. I was only joking. It will be great. Looking forward to it.
  21. 10-Rog Steve, I think it'll suit us a treat, we can always look elsewhere. for 2020

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