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  1. If your kettle bbq is much bigger just remember that youre going to need more fuel. If you want a sizzle you will need to get your bbq hot .Ive got a pro q and if im grilling i fill the basket with coals then add a kettle full of hot coals,one of the best things I've learnt over the last year is once you have finished your cook,close of all the vents which in turn saves coals which if stored in a dry place you can reuse.
  2. Are you putting lit coals onto unlit coals? This will help fuel the glow for longer periods.How big is your chimney? As your using a 57cm grill if you are using a small chimney you may record a higher heat when you initially put your hot coals in but it drops when its stabilised. How long do you leave it until you put meat on the grill? I'd leave it a good 20 minutes and get my temp about 30° higher than I'd originally want it. Which big k briquettes are you using? I had some from the range the ones in the black bag and they were rubbish. Maybe look at big k ach15 lumpwood,morrisons have got i
  3. This is the best jerk seasoning that I've used. Got it off amazon. I always brine my chicken now ,whether its a whole chicken or wings it gets bribed. I just put a few tea spoons of this in my brine to add the depth of flavour ,leave overnight then sprinkle the dry rub and vacuum seal it ready for the afternoon bbq. Be careful though its strong stuff so I'd experiment with it first. Its great if you just want a dry jerk or i baste in dunns jerk sauce for a sticky jerk. I have plenty of Jamaican friends who can cook jerk from scratch and they have all been impressed with this stuff. Edit.
  4. Finally got round to doing the stacker,got porchetta to do tomorrow on the rotisserie so had to be done. Pretty pleased with it,just see how it performs now😁
  5. Nearly £100 for the pair. Think I'll wait an extra 10 minutes for my coals to light
  6. The smoke will be your fuel.I bought 5 bags of the big k briquettes from the range and ended up giving them away, they were rubbish. Loads of bitter smoke,didnt burn very long and gave the food a chemical taste. I use big k ach15 and I also use the apple wood briquettes which I find really good.
  7. Had some lovely porchetta for sunday from gridiron meats arrive today. Never done it before,so I'm going to do it on the rotisserie. Also had some baby back ribs from them which aren't the meatiest so I'll source my ribs from my usual butchers
  8. Adi dassler


    Cheers cwc. I'm going to get one ordered now
  9. Love a&o, the buffalo soldier rub on wings then give them a coat of impressive rooster buffalo sauce,back on the barbie until sauce goes dry and repeat, then repeat again unreal. Chinese salt and chilli rub is superb. Heres my rub corner
  10. Adi dassler


    I've been looking at getting a vortex for my frontier but heard that they can ruin your racks. How do you find it cwc, do you just use the one stacker when using it? Obviously its caused no damage to your bbq as you're still using it
  11. Kitchen roll soaked in cooking oil is a very good alternative. If I'm doing any fried food,chicken,chips,onion rings I just bag up the kitchen roll I've drained them on and use that. It burns for ages
  12. Heres some I've had off him. His mossie ribs are expensive but they are real meaty. I've used him about 10 times now and had no problems
  13. Sounds like you're doing everything right. Was it a full packer or the flat? If I was doing a flat I'd look at an injection as theres not a great deal of fat in the flat. Was it a good quality brisket?
  14. I've found it doesn't cook evenly. When I'm doing a Kelly bab the outside burns whilst the middle doesnt cook. I'll have more control over the latter stages of the cook. It'll be better on fuel consumption,I probably use more fuel cooking on the rotisserie than I do cooking a brisket. Plus it's another option for my grill
  15. Just waiting on paint,should be here middle of this week.
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